The Invisible Six Point Democratic Lead

14 Oct

An excellent article by Stephen Harrington

The “enthusiasm gap” is driving the midterm election narrative. You hear, everywhere from every MSM and polling source, that the generic ballot shows a 5-10 point lead for the GOP. That lead is constructed entirely on the “likely voter” model. Among likely voters, you hear, the GOP has a 5-10 point lead. Have you ever heard the results of polls of registered voters not qualified by the “likely” modifier?

In the latest CNN public opinion poll released 10/08, someone slipped up and mentioned that, among registered voters, the generic Democrats have a 6 point lead. A 6 point lead is about what it took to sweep Congress and the White House for the Democrats in 2006-08. So the sentiment of the country favors Democrats by 6 percent and the press reports only the pollster construct of right leaning likely voters as representing the sentiment of the nation.

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One response to “The Invisible Six Point Democratic Lead

  1. Doug Schooler

    October 14, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    And we have to ask why the media reports only the results favoring the Right. Does the fact that the major media is controlled by Right leaning corporations have anything to do with it? Just asking.


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