Calling Out the NY Lever Shills

07 Jan

Calling Out the NY Lever Shills

Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

Jan. 12, 2011

Democratic Underground Posters “Bill Bored” and “Wilms” have been shilling non-stop for years as advocates for NY lever voting machines. The levers were replaced by optical scanners in 2010.

They want the levers back.Their mantra is that, unlike Optical scanners, levers cannot be rigged through software. Yet they have never coherently addressed the fact that votes CAST on levers are COUNTED on UNVERIFIABLE central tabulators; there are no paper ballots.

Unlike votes cast on lever machines which are lost in cyberspace, the optically scanned paper ballots can be manually recounted to check the machine counts – assuming politicians, judges and election officials wanted to recount. But they didn’t want fair elections with the levers and they don’t want fair elections now that they have the scanners.

Bored and Wilms might as well be writing for the mainstream media; they assume that readers don’t do their homework and are oblivious to the facts. Instead of focusing on the real problem (corrupt NY judges, politicians and election officials who refuse to do robust hand-counts of the paper ballots) they continue their non-stop campaign to bring back the levers.

And they mislead readers by claiming that no one can explain how votes could be switched on levers. It has been pointed out to them numerous times, but they continue to ignore these facts:

1. NY votes were cast on levers
2. The votes were counted on central tabulators
3, Central tabulators are computers
4. There were no paper ballots to verify the machine counts
5. The lever voting system was never transparent!

Bored calls the 2004 exit polls “crap” because they showed a massive 12% discrepancy in Kerry’s NY margin. The exit poll timeline indicated that Kerry won NY by a constant 64-35%. But the recorded vote was 58-40% (the exit poll margin of error was less than 2%). According to the Census Bureau, there were more than 300,000 uncounted votes in NY State, the vast majority for Kerry.

Kerry’s New York margin was reduced by nearly 1.0 million votes due to election fraud. In California, his margin was cut by approximately 1.4 million. Bush won the recorded vote by just 3.0 million, so approximately 80% of his “mandate” came from the two biggest Democratic states.
Nationwide, Kerry won the aggregate of the state exit polls by 52-47%, but lost the recorded vote by 50.7-48.3%.

The average exit poll discrepancy (WPE) for all voting machine types was 7.4%. It was 11.6% for mechanical levers, 7% for DREs and optical scanners – but just 2% for paper ballots (see

I provided EIRS data showing that in heavily Democratic NYC, long lines and faulty machines disenfranchised voters:

This graph depicts the implausible 2004 Bush gains over 2000 in the 15 largest New York counties.

In 2004, there was a 17% increase over 2000 in the national recorded vote (105 to 122 million). Kerry captured 57-59% of new voters!
So how are we expected to believe the implausible recorded vote changes in heavily Democratic counties?

1. Kings (Brooklyn): Bush’s recorded vote increased by 75% and Kerry’s by just 5%!
2. Bronx: Bush’s recorded vote increased by 59% and Kerry’s by just 10%!
3. Queens:, Bush’s recorded vote increased by 36% and Kerry’s by just 5%!
4. Nassau: Bush’s recorded vote increased by 30% and Kerry’s declined by 2%!

But now they have gone too far. They resort to outright slander.

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