Exposing Election Myths: Facts and Graphs

14 Jul

Exposing Election Myths: Facts and Graphs
Richard Charnin

Since 2004, media pundits, misinformationists and naysayers have attempted to debunk the work of analytic researchers which prove systemic election fraud beyond a reasonable doubt. This post exposes and disproves the most common myths.

View the graphs here:

Election Myths

1 2004 presidential election: no evidence of election fraud.
2 Bush 48% approval: does not indicate he stole the election.
3 Pre-election polls: did not match the exit polls.
4 “Election Model”: assumptions were not valid.
5 Pre-election polls: Bush led them in 2004.

6 Exit polls: are not random samples.
7 Reluctant Bush responder: explains the exit poll discrepancies.
8 Urban Legend: Bush did better in 2004 than 2000 in Democratic strongholds.
9 Vote Swing (2000-2004) vs. 2004 Exit Poll red-shift: zero correlation means no fraud.
10 Gore voter false recall: explains the 2004 Exit Poll anomalies.

11 Exit poll discrepancies: unrelated to voting methods.
12 Adjusted National Exit Poll: is proof that Bush won.
13 Exit poll timeline: Bush won late voters.
14 Mid-term Generic polls: not good predictors.
15 2008 Primaries: Hillary and Obama split the vote.
16 2008 Obama: had 52.9% and won by 9.5 million votes.

Track Record:2004-2012 Forecast and True Vote Models

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