Current TV and Election Truth

05 Dec

Current TV and Election Truth

Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)
Dec. 7, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Russia today for a parliamentary election she said was rigged. She also said that election gains by Islamist parties must not set back Egypt’s push toward democracy.

Hillary talks about Election Fraud in Russia. But we never hear a peep from politicians or the media about systemic election fraud in the U.S. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

But now Cenk Uygur, a hard-hitting progressive blogger and former MSNBC host, this week introduced his own show, The Young Turks, on Current TV. Cenk has always impressed this observer with his rational, well-delivered commentary. Now he has the chance to step up and expose the facts of systemic U.S. election fraud that have been kept hidden by a totally corrupted corporate media. Cenk and Keith Olbermann are no longer constrained by their corporate masters.

Current TV was founded by Al Gore, the man who was elected president in 2000 but never took office. The election was stolen from the 55 million Americans who voted for him. According to unadjusted state exit polls and the independent True Vote Model, Gore won by 6 million votes. The American public has been hoodwinked by the corporate media into thinking that he won by only 540,000 nationally and that he lost the election in Florida by 537 votes. A mini-landslide was denied by a judicial/political coup in plain sight. The effects of the theft are obvious – just look around.

2000 state unadjusted exit polls vs. the recorded votes:

In 2004 it was John Kerry’s turn. One week after the election, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann (now Current TV’s lead anchor) presented a powerful expose of the nefarious election anomalies in Ohio and Florida. Another election was stolen, this time from the 67 million who voted for John Kerry. Unfortunately, KO never followed up on the massive election fraud. The public was once again hoodwinked by the corporate media into believing that Bush won by 3 million votes. But it was Kerry who was the real winner of a 10 million True Vote landslide.

2004 state unadjusted exit polls vs. the recorded votes:

In 2008, Obama won by 9.5 million votes and had 365 electoral votes. He had a 52.9% RECORDED VOTE SHARE. But the True Vote Model indicates that he had 58% (76-53 million) and 420 electoral votes – exactly matching the aggregate of the UNADJUSTED STATE EXIT POLLS (83,388 respondents). But there is more: The UNADJUSTED NATIONAL EXIT POLL (17836 respondents), a subset of the state polls, indicates that Obama won by a MASSIVE 61-37%. The landslide was denied.

The Election Truth Movement is hopeful that Cenk and Keith will do their job. They need to remind us of the hypocrisy of U.S. politicians and media pundits who criticize election fraud outside the U.S. but never discuss it here. If Current TV won’t break the ice, who will? The last thing we need is for Current to morph into MSNBC Light.


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3 responses to “Current TV and Election Truth

  1. vernon

    January 12, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    C’mon, Richard….. geez. Do you REALLY think any of those stooges like Gore are for real. The last pres that WAS for real got his brains splattered all over the street in Dallas as a “telegraph” to all those who dared challenge the new world order. Even if Gore is/was for real, he valued his family and his own life more than to get serious about contesting the election results.

  2. vernon

    January 12, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    PS; It was Hillary the whore of Babylon who was in on the little military coup in Honduras last year along with our fine Senator John-will-sing-for-survival-McCain. In case you weren’t paying attention, “negotiation teams” sponsored by the School of the Americas via Hillary and John were in place for the regime change before there was ever any word as to the final outcome of the coup.


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