My 2003 Open Letter to Jimmy Carter

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Dear President Carter:

This is a plea: you may be our democracy’s last hope..

As one of the most trusted and respected Americans, you have monitored elections in other countries. America now needs your help in what many are afraid is an impending election disaster – a fraud of unimaginable proportions.

Computer touch-screen voting machines are about to be installed throughout the nation. They have been determined by Johns Hopkins computer scientists and many others to have built-in software and hardware security flaws which can be exploited in many different ways to defraud voters and change the results of an election.

These machines were used in 2002 Senate elections. Over 22,000 Diebold machines were installed in Georgia. The results of the elections raised eyebrows. The deviations from final polling results were astounding and defied historical precedent. The popular pollster Zogby claimed he had never seen last minute tunarounds like those which occurred in a number of hotly contested Senate and Governor races. And all the turnarounds favored the Republicans. The odds of this happening in a fair election are staggeringly low.

We need your voice to fight for our most important freedom: the right to have our votes counted fairly, with maximum built-in security checks to prevent fraud. Until now, all voting machine software code has been proprietary; there are no redundancy audit checks and paper trails. The potential for fraud cannot be overstated. The 2004 elections will be the most important of our lifetime. This is the first time in history that a large segment of the population is expecting that the Presidential election will be stolen. Chaos will reign if nothing is done. We were in quiet shock in Dec. 2000 when the Supreme Court installed Bush. We will no longer remain quiet.

President Carter, we ask that you provide one final great service to your nation: you must speak out NOW in calling for fraud-proof, audited voting machines. If we cannot have them by the election, then only PAPER BALLOTS will do. The time is growing short; the machines are already bought and paid for; thoughts of greed, not democracy, promotes their rapid installation. We ask that you monitor OUR elections this time, but not before we have FULL confidence that these machines will not be programmed to manipulate votes.

As a nuclear engineer/physicist and humanitarian, no one is more qualified or respected than you are to provide the moral leadership required in getting this issue before the American public at this critical time. Your voice is too powerful to be muffled; you must realize the extent of our fears and the power of your bully pulpit.

President Carter, your voice MUST be heard. This nation will rupture if there is widespread disbelief in the fairness of the election results. We shall never forget the 2000 Presidential election fiasco.

Al Gore should be in the White House today; that is beyond question. We were fooled once; we must not be fooled again.

Yours truly,
An American voter

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