How many of the following must be true to prove a JFK Conspiracy?

11 Aug

How many of the following must be true to prove a JFK Conspiracy?

Richard Charnin
August 11, 2013

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These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

1. At least one witness would be killed to prevent them from talking.
2. At least one witness would be killed as an example to keep others from talking.
3. At least one bullet would be in Connally’s leg, destroying the single bullet theory.
4. At least one of the four bullets which struck Tippit was not from Oswald’s handgun.
5. At least one eyewitness would be correct in hearing shots from the Grassy Knoll.
6. At least one eyewitness who saw gunmen and smoke at the Grassy Knoll would be telling the truth.
7. At least one person with the power to order a cover-up would do so.
8. At least one person would have the means, motive and opportunity to set the Big Event in motion.
9. At least one media talking head would claim JFK fell forward despite seeing the Zapruder film.
10. At least one government agency would withhold evidence in multiple investigations.
11. At least one person would have the power to control the investigation.
12. At least one Oswald photo would be tampered with.
13. At least one Zapruder frame would be switched or deleted.
14. At least one CIA operative would claim in a deathbed confession that Johnson originated the “Big Event”.
15. At least one Parkland doctor would tell the truth about entrance wounds in JFK’s neck and back.
16. At least one Parkland doctor would tell the truth about an entrance wound to JFK’s right temple.
17. At least one fingerprint would be found on the 6th floor of the TSBD but not Oswald’s.
18. At least one of three eyewitness would tell the truth about seeing a 7.65 Mauser on the 6th floor.
19. At least one eyewitness would claim Oswald was sipping a coke 90 seconds after the shots.
20. At least one Oswald note to the Dallas FBI office would be destroyed.
21. At least one set of Hume autopsy notes would be burned.
22. At least one autopsy photo would cover JFK’s head wound.
23. A rifle stamped “7.65 Mauser” found on the 6th floor would morph into a Mannlicher Carcano.
24. Poppy Bush would be photographed standing in front of the TSBD.
25. Three “tramps” hiding in boxcars would be questioned, released and never identified.
26. Oswald would be photographed standing in front of the TSBD.
27. Gerald Ford would admit moving JFK’s back wound up by 5 inches.
28. HSCA investigator Sprague would be fired when he insisted on a subpoena of CIA documents.
29. HSCA investigator Blakey would admit years later that the CIA covered up.
30. Arlen Spector would propose that a single pristine bullet would cause 7 wounds to JFK and Connally.
31. A paraffin test would prove that Oswald did not fire a rifle on Nov. 22.
32. Jack Ruby would shoot Oswald to prevent a trial.
33. Oswald’s interrogation would not be recorded or transcribed.
34. Seven FBI officials due to testify at HSCA would die within 6 months in 1977.
35. George De Morenschildt would shoot himself the day of his HSCA interview, Bush’s phone in his wallet.
36. David Ferrie would die of a brain aneurysm the day after he was declared a witness in the Garrison/Shaw trial.
37. Dorothy Kilgallen would die from a drug overdose just days after she claimed she would “break the case wide open”. Her notes and manuscript were never found.
38. William Sullivan, FBI #3, would be shot and “mistaken for a deer” just before he was to due testify at HSCA. He was going to blow the case wide open and predicted that he would be murdered.
39. Jack Ruby would die of galloping cancer 29 days after being injected for a cold and awarded a new trial.
40. John Paisely, CIA Deputy Director, would be shot and thrown in the ocean before he could testify at HSCA.
41. Regis Kennedy, Oswald’s FBI handler, would die of a “heart attack” the day before he was to meet HSCA.
42. William Pawley, investor in Cuba, worked with anti-Castro Cubans and involved in Executive Action to assassinate foreign leaders, would shoot himself prior to his scheduled HSCA testimony.
43. Ruby’s lawyer and two reporters in Ruby’s apt. 11/24/63 would die in one year (reporters murdered).
44. Gary Underhill, CIA agent, predicted his death and would be murdered shortly afterwards.
45. Grant Stockdale, JFK friend, would tell his attorney that “people are trying to get me” and jump off a building.
46. Dr. Mary Sherman, a cancer researcher who worked with Ferrie, Judyth Baker and Oswald in developing a cancer virus to assassinate Castro, would die in an apartment fire the same day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans.
47. Guy Banister, ex-FBI agent who knew Ferrie and Oswald, would have a “heart attack” but a bullet hole was reportedly found.
48. Warren Reynolds, who told the FBI that the man he saw running from the Tippit murder scene was NOT Oswald, would be shot in the head, miraculously recover and change his testimony at the WC.
49. Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK mistress, would be shot while jogging. She said the WC was a “whitewash” and would reveal all in a book. Her diary was taken by CIA chief Angleton.
50. Robert Kennedy would be shot in the BACK of the head at close range after winning the 1968 California primary. He told intimates that he would investigate the assassination after becoming president.
51. Judyth V. Baker would write “Me and Lee” about her 1963 relationship with Oswald in New Orleans. Baker confirmed FBI and former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden’s account that a FBI informant named “Lee” warned of a possible assassination attempt in Chicago three weeks before Dallas. JFK’s trip was cancelled with a cover story that he had a “cold”.
52. Seventy (70) of 656 individuals in the Simkin JFK Index would die suspiciously, 44 unnaturally. The probability of 44 unnatural deaths among the 656 is less than
P= 1 in 100,000 trillion trillion trillion (4.4E-41).
The probability of 22 homicides is P= 1 in 100 billion trillion (6.4E-24).

The following is a summary of unnatural witness deaths from 1964-78.
– 20 of 552 who testified at the Warren Commission.
Probability: 4.3E-17 (1 in 20,000 trillion.)
– 46 of approximately 1100 called to testify in four investigations.
Probability: 4.9E-45 (1 in a trillion trillion trillion).
– 99 of 1400 in “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”.
Probability: E-113 (113 zeros to the right of the decimal point).

This is a sensitivity analysis of unnatural witness deaths.


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3 responses to “How many of the following must be true to prove a JFK Conspiracy?

  1. Susan Klopfer (@sklopfer)

    August 12, 2013 at 11:32 am

    I have always wondered why John D. Sullivan’s name never made the list. He worked for Guy Banister in 1963 in New Orleans, and “died” the same week as David Ferrie after accidentally shooting himself in the nuts, while sitting on his bed and cleaning his gun after a dove hunt. He’d been a special agent for the FBI. Had to be a better shot than that! I have a theory, however —

    • Richard Charnin

      March 31, 2020 at 5:49 pm

      Sullivan is on the JFK Calc list. He died in Oct. 1966

  2. Susan Klopfer

    November 22, 2013 at 1:03 am

    Richard. This is a brilliant piece of work. It puts you in the class of a handful of researchers who have kept this issue alive. Thank you. Will share.


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