To believe that Oswald killed JFK, you must believe that…

15 Sep

Richard Charnin
Sept.15, 2013
Updated: Oct.23, 2015

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Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts

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To believe that Oswald killed JFK, you must also believe …

1- The single–bullet theory (SBT):
a) Kennedy leaned much further forward than shown in photographs or films,
b) his jacket bunched up much more than shown in a photograph taken less than half a second before he was visible from the sixth–floor window,
c) his shirt bunched up far more than could reasonably have been expected,
d) the bullet’s downward trajectory entered JFK’s back 5.5 inches below the collar,
e) the bullet then changed direction upward and exited JFK’s throat,
f) the bullet proceeded to cause all five of Connally’s wounds,
g) the bullet emerged in pristine condition on a Parkland hospital stretcher.

2- The Warren Commission did not “fudge the evidence” when it changed its original finding that three shots hit JFK to 1) a single bullet struck JFK in the back, exited his throat and caused five additional wounds in Connally, 2) the second shot missed, hit a curb and bystander James Tague on the cheek, and 3) the final shot hit JFK high on the back of the skull.

3- The 90+ eyewitnesses who claimed to have heard gunshots, saw smoke or smelled gunpowder coming from the grassy knoll must have all been mistaken.

4- The 22 Parkland Hospital doctors who claimed there was an entrance wound in President Kennedy’s throat must have all been mistaken.

5- The 44 Doctors and witnesses at Parkland and the autopsy who saw a large exit wound located at the right-rear of Kennedy’s head must have all been mistaken.

6- The Warren Commission said Tippit was shot at 1:16, which was also the time he was declared dead at the hospital The 10+ witnesses who saw or heard shots fired no later than 1:06 must have all been mistaken.

7- The autopsy photograph of a bullet hole in Kennedy’s five inches lower than described in the Warren Report must have been a misprint.

8- Dr Charles Carrico viewed Kennedy’s throat wound before the president’s shirt and tie were removed and said it was located above the shirt. He must have been mistaken.

9- John Connally sat in front of Kennedy and has consistently maintained that he and Kennedy were hit by separate bullets. He must have been mistaken.

10- Nellie Connally sat on her husband’s left and confirmed that they were hit by separate bullets. She must have been mistaken.

11- The fingerprint expert who identified the prints found on the 6th floor of the TSBD to be an exact match of LBJ hit man Mac Wallace must have been mistaken.

12- The Army and FBI experts who claimed that the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was incapable of accomplishing the shooting must have been mistaken.

13 – Oswald shot JFK from the 6th floor of the TSBD, hid the rifle and ran down to the 2nd floor in a little over a minute where DPD Marion Baker and TSBD manager Truly saw him holding a coke and breathing normally.

14- The witnesses who walked down the stairs immediately after the shooting and did not see or hear anyone must have been mistaken.

15- The large wound in the president’s head displayed all the signs of a soft–nosed bullet. But it must have been caused by a very unusual solid, metal–jacketed bullet.

16- Two witnesses who claimed they saw Oswald carrying a bag that was too small to contain a rifle into the Texas School Book Depository the morning of the assassination must have been mistaken.

17- Connally could hold his hat seconds after being hit by the magic bullet that exited Kennedy’s throat.

18- JFK would fall back and to the left after being hit from behind.

19- Paraffin tests on Oswald’s hands and cheek which indicated he did not fire a rifle on 11/22 must have been incompetently administered.

20- Four police officers who identified the rifle found on the 6th floor of the TSBD as a saw “7.65 Mauser” must have all been mistaken.

21- It was just a macabre coincidence that seven top FBI officials due to testify at HSCA would die within a 6 month period in 1977.

22- Bullets recovered at Dealey Plaza that did not match the Mannlicher-Carcano must have been from a previous shooting incident.

23- It was just a coincidence that Jack Ruby would die from sudden cancer within 29 days of being diagnosed and granted a new trial.

24- Oswald made two of three shots in under six seconds (a feat that expert marksmen could not duplicate) although there was a tree in front of the target, he barely passed his Marine marksmanship test and used an inferior, bolt action rifle with a misaligned scope.

25- Julia Ann Mercer, a witness who claimed in a deposition that she saw a man walking up the grassy knoll carrying a rifle one hour before the assassination, must have been mistaken. She told Jim Garrison that the man waiting in a car looked like Jack Ruby and that her deposition was altered and signature forged. She was not called by the Warren Commission.

26- Although the probability is E-62 (one in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion) that 78 of 1400+ material witnesses would die unnaturally in 1964-78, it does not prove a conspiracy.

27- The fact that Fritz’s notes of his interrogation of Oswald did not surface until 1993 was due to incompetence. Oswald said he was “out front with Bill Shelley”.

28- The fact that Oswald was a $200/mo FBI informer and CIA asset and his tax forms were never released is of no consequence.

29- The fact that Gerald Ford of the WC admitted that he moved JFK’s back wound up 5 inches to conform with the Single Bullet Theory does not indicate that he was distorting the record.

30- FBI agents Sibert and O’Neill attended the autopsy and claimed a) that JFK was struck in the back 5 inches below the collar and the bullet did not exit and b) that Gerald Ford committed a crime in moving the back wound up 5 inches. They must have been mistaken.

31- Although over 50 of 122 suspicious JFK deaths were in the Dallas area, it does not indicate that they had a connection to the assassination and must have been a coincidence.

Note: Assuming that the Dallas homicide rate was triple the 1964-78 average National 0.000084 rate, then the probability of 34 ruled homicides among 1400 JFK-related witnesses in 1964-78 is P = 7.60e-17, or 1 in 13,000 trillion. This is conservative. Based on the expected cause of death, approximately 40 of the 88 deaths officially ruled as accidents, suicides, heart attacks, sudden cancers and natural were likely homicides

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These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.


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14 responses to “To believe that Oswald killed JFK, you must believe that…

  1. John Strange

    February 28, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    In “Reclaiming History”, famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi enumerated 53 separate pieces of hard physical and circumstantial evidence that points to Oswald as the sole assassin off JFK. What is the probability that all 53 pieces of this incontrovertible evidence has innocent explanations?

  2. John Strange

    February 28, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    To believe Oswald didn’t assassinate Kennedy you would have to believe all 26 of the above myths and conspiracy “factoids”. None of which are true.

    • Richard Charnin

      March 3, 2014 at 4:38 pm

      You are very Strange, John.
      Go back to Lone Nutterville.

  3. david t. krall

    December 13, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    from: david t. krall
    You are to be commended, as your book if a “new” field to which you have explored and taken further what had been written prior on the “dead witnesses” angle or perspective. Within the past
    several years I have come across a few names that are not on any list. These names are of
    note because of their timeliness not just after, but before (some soon before) or after, and may or may not be “seen” as related, or “directly” related to the events of 11/22/63…I will pass these onto you in a future post/message, ok? You book is another “touchdown” for the good-guys,
    and for the American people, who have been manipulated and lied to with incredibly deceptive
    devices and many lies. BRAVO! What happened to JFK was an historical analogy and “inverse/mirror” of the “Valkryie” operation on 7/20/44. If we are told “big things like “THAT” don’t happen than what was the justification (the official/conventional reason) of & for spending trilions
    of dollars during the cold war and now during the (so-called) War On Terror…against lone nuts???
    & What was the planning and eventual attack at Pearl Harbor? small potatos???
    or a clearly planned enterprise, planned months in advance by some of the highest levels of the
    Japanese military, members of the Japanese Royal circle and some sectors of Japanese
    Corp circles close to those planning the events which culminated and resulted on 12/7/41…
    David T. Krall

  4. Joseph Smolski

    October 23, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    I’ve heard that John Connally himself said during the assassination,” My God, they’re going to kill us all!” This is a strong indication that he knew that more than one shooter was firing at the Presidential limousine. Connally also told the Warren Commission, “there were either two or three people involved or more in this or someone was shooting with an automatic rifle.” Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman who was riding in the front seat of the car said,(I) grabbed the speaker and said to the driver, “Let’s get out of here we’re hit,” and grabbed the mike and I said “Lawson this is Kellerman we are hit…get us to the hospital immediately.” Now in the seconds that I talked just now, a flurry of shells come into the car…” No sharpshooter in the world no matter how skilled could have made all of those shots so quickly and accurately with a twenty year old bolt-action rifle. It’s a shame the Warren Commission and every other lone-gunman supporter ignores the testimony of those present to further their own erroneous conclusions.

  5. david t. krall

    October 24, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Yes ! A most interesting quote…but one possibly far more telling than most people realize…
    The night before the assassination, and even before that (!?) there was some real tension about the exact seating within the motorcade (FOR DALLAS ) regarding who was going to sit and ride with the President in Dallas ( just in Dallas…) and who was not going to sit with him…The night before the assassination LBJ had actually went to visit JFK ( & Jacki) at the President’s visiting hotel room/suite and had some type of discussion and then an ensuing HEATED disagreement with JFK. Part of the argument was about Connelly and TX Sen Yarborough. For some odd reason Johnson was trying to have Connelly switched with Yarborough, where Yarborough would sit and ride with the President and Connelly would (safely, as it would have been) sit and ride with LBJ. On the surface and for protocol-purposes that makes no sense…JFK told LBJ that Yarborough would ride with him, LBJ, and that Connelly will stay and ride with The President and the First lady. LBJ seems to have persevered but JFK dug-in and said no…and LBJ (if is not known if he came alone and/or others waited in the hall or lobby or outside…) appears to have left in “a real huff” and in a serious “mood”….Jacki, heard the rising voices from a nearby room and when LBJ left, she inquired as to what the “fuss was all about”, JFK told her and concluded…with something similar to “Lyndon’s got a problem”…or “Lyndon’s in trouble”…) Jump to the next morning…after the breakfast, after the trip and then arriving at Love Field….The designated Presidential limo pulls up to and near the President….Connelly is in the car STANDING UP….the President, the First Lady and the First Lady of TX, The Governor’s wife are standing and moving slowly towards the limo, in front of, near the side doors to enter the limo….ok? Now, Gov Connelly always appeared to be sharp guy, somewhat erudite, His later rising political star was well known and recognized, in both pol parities. He was well mannered, having or appearing to have good social graces and good social and political skills. Even in 1979/1980 it was thought by many that the Republican Nomination race would have gone down between he and Reagan…since it appeared ( at least early on) they were so much alike, of equal levels of charisma and similar on many, many issues. He was the visiting rep of that state (TX), right???, So why is it, that when JFK, Jacki and even his wife approached the doors AND SEATS of the LIMO (?) Gov, Connelly NEVER, EVER leaves the limo or his standing up right position where he soon will sit…I? t must have seemed even to JFK,Jacki and to his own wife, Nellie ( even if for a few seconds) as if somewhat rude,if not overly awkward to not have momentarily stepped down and out of the LIMO for others, ESPECIALLY THE PRESIDENT, THE FIRST LADY and EVEN HIS WIFE…WHO WILL BE SITTING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HIM…TO LET THEM ENTER THE LIMO FIRST…not so odd (or subjectively rude) after all??? Nor after this somewhat subtle and quick, yet odd “display” Connelly now makes a almost 180 turn, still standing up for all to see him and tips ans slowly waves his hat, again in for all to see him at that time and place….Now I ask? Considering what took place and ensured, approx 45 to 50 (?) minutes later in Dealey Plaza and what ensued that the night before and possibly before that about and with LBJ trying to pressure JFK to have Connelly ride with him and Yarborough ride with JFK in Dallas, it is not out of the norm or even far-fetched to consider that “perhaps” (???) Connelly was attempting to convey some last minute “message” or “signal” thru some type of symbolic body language, even if it appeared to be “quickly” rude or temporarily awkward, that it is he, NOT Yarborough, who is riding with JFK to the “Lion’s Den” in Dealey Plaza, that his buddy’s pressures (LBJ’s) didn’t work on JFK, no matter how much LBJ ( and others ) though his “treatment” would “work on” and bend JFK in securing this seating “switch” …Add that infamous quote, yelled out by Gov. Connelly during the multi-gun and multi-shooter ambush,,,,” They’re going to killed us all”….It appears that the shooters or somebody “didn’t get the memo” in time. and Connelly gasp and screams in the limo, while being shot, no less (!!!) , with bullets hitting JFK, him, and the limo (and “almost” James Tague)….”They’re going to kill us all”….NOT ME…NOT ME…JUST HIM !!!!!

  6. david t. krall

    October 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    As an extension/addition to the above post. The known political “feud” that existed between Gov. Connelly and Sen yarborough is fully appreciated and realized. That is the KNOWN reason for the supposed desire by LBJ to have the “switch”, as BOTH LBJ and TX Governor Connelly did not like Yarborough. LBJ attempted, the night of the 21st, to make it look like he was complaining to JFK about Yarborough griping and complaining about him sitting and riding with LBJ through Dallas. JFK said NO (!)… Connelly was shot up pretty bad…I’ve seen some of the pictures. He was lucky. He could have died. If “the switch” was acquiesed and JFK said “OK”, Yarborough would have been the one who would have been shot, with JFK, and almost killed and lucky to be alive…assuming he would have survived…now how lucky and supposedly coincidental was that for LBJ to pressure and push JFK for that change to have his best friend now sitting with him and their two major rivals, in front of them, with JFK being the more supreme and primary threat, and target, now in the crosshairs of an impending deadly and very coordinated ambush involving expert “hired” assassins from at least 3 directions and numerous “lookouts, spotters, (soon to be) attempted crowd controllers and “observers”, communications and signal coordinators, fake Secret Service Agents, etc. If it was Yarborough in that Presidential Limo with JFK…how coincidentally prescient and lucky ( for Connelly’s sake and literally physical safety !) was it for LBJ to have such coincidental foresight and concern, at least, to have tried his pressure and use his known “treatment” on JFK in order to hopefully ( but albeit unsuccessfully) bring about an effort and result to bring about this switch….when laid out in this perspective and KNOWING WHAT DID TRANSPIRE AND RESULT at 12:30 PM CST, and watching Gov. Connelly on film at Love Field standing, waving and tipping his stetson in that limo in front of JFK, Mrs. Kennedy and his own wife, The First lady of TX….All this seems hardly coincidental nor just about a feud with Sen Yarborough. The “stakes” were infinitely much higher than that. And Connelly’s display, odd stance and body language for that short time, for all to see, and unmistakeable and quite intentional by Connelly may have very well been a way of ‘saying” before riding towards the (primary) ambush site in Dealey Plaza…It me in this car, ME ! NOT YARBOROUGH…remember its me in this car NOT Yarborough….
    “They’re going to kill us all”..could just as well or easlly have been ..”I tried to tell them it’s me… not Yarborough……don’t shoot me….not ME …just HIM….”

  7. david t. krall

    October 25, 2015 at 10:15 am

    I wanted to add and bolster this perspective with a very interesting event that took place around 1979/early 1980 at the WH when President James ( Jimmy ) E. Carter was President. This was reported on the evening news and it was and is VERY (!!!) interesting. Some semi’-formal event took place, I am not sure, nor remember the specific reason or venue for this WH hosted event. BUT, for some reason I seem to remember, all, if not most of the major candidates running for President were there and attended this event, including Sen. Ted Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and John Connelly, which appeared to include late lunch or early dinner and drinks. I remember seeing and watching this being reported on TV. What was reported with that event is chilling: Now the HSCA was wrapping up its but still functioning. Carter has his hands full with Iran, Afghanistan and Ted Kennedy….and the CIA…and its links to Reagan and Bush ( even early on…)
    It was reported as I was watching this on the CBS Evening News, That popular former TX Gov. John Connelly, close friend to LBJ and RMN, and now seen ( at that time) as a formidable candidate for President for the Republican Nomination, had to be somehow “quietly” removed and escorted from this WH event due to some “meltdown” and was quoted to have said loudly, at least once,: “I never killed anybody”….There may have been other things that were said by him as reported on the CBS evening news segment…BUT THAT’S THE ONE THAT I REMEMBER AND THE ONE THAT “STICKS OUT” IN MY MIND….1122/63, They’re going to kill us all” apprx 16 years later…” I never killed anybody”…I suspect he was NOT referring to EMK (Ted Kennedy) and Chappaquidick.

  8. Joseph Smolski

    October 25, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Yes David, in the book The Texas Connection lawyer Craig T. Zirbel wrote about LBJ’s involvement in the assassination. When John Connally said “My God they’re going to kill us all!” that qualified in legal terms as an excited utterance. A statement that’s considered to be honest because it’s voiced instantly without any time to create a deception. So he either knew an assassination was going to happen or realized that multiple shooters were firing at the last second. Craig Zirbel does talk about the Kennedy Johnson argument the evening before when LBJ wanted to switch the motorcade seating with Yarborough and Connally and JFK refused. He also writes about the intense hatred Johnson had for the Kennedy’s and his insatiable ambition to reach the Presidency.

    • david t. krall

      October 25, 2015 at 11:30 pm

      YES ! I am familiar with and have Craig Zirbel’s book and believe that the LBJ “network” was “hooked into” the JFK plot…With some real heavy hitters part of that network and subsequently part of the actual plot…I strongly recommend Evans and Knovak’s ( or Novak?) book about LBJ called “The Exercise of Power”…That book has TON’s (!) of information in it ( regardless of the supposed “slant”) about the “fracture” and split..and differences (views, agendas, backgrounds) between JFK and his circle and LBJ and his orbit ( compliments and supplements a lot of what Caro has said, but way before him) that always existed and was thinly veiled by both camps, and his, LBJ’s very “connected” circle ( not unlike Bush “41” or Bush “43”, or RMN). This LBJ orbit crossed paths with the RMN orbit and just as much, was tied to and into specific corp and defense/intell circles that felt threatened by ahd hated JFK/RFK. That specific piece of film is what I was alluding to and pointing out, that exist showing just for those very brief Connelly’s movements, actions and body language, like the soon there-after brief but caught on film of the SS agent being waved off by superiors to stay away from JFk’s limo, that like other things, seems possibly glossed over due to it being such an innocuous and brief form of behavior…but if watched slowly and a few times is NOT possibly so innocuous or happenstance…Also when JFK was at the Fort Worth (?) Breakfast that morning right before the choir sings “The Eyes Of Texas”…right when he comes on stage, catch the full version of this footage ( in color) and play/watch it in slow-motion…catch and look for LBJ’s face, looking over at him, almost as if looking “up and down” at JFK with pure hate for a few seconds caught on film…to me it is unmistakable. That brief look of contempt ( “probably” knowing and informed as to what JFK/RFK were upto against him { e.g.The upcoming Life anti-LBJ exposures and of course what was “waiting” JFK in Dallas} and when the camera goes back to JFK, up close, you can see/sense some something, not tension, more,like a mild awkwardness behind JFK’s smile. JFk had actually had alluded to this “awkwardness” whenever LBJ was near him in the WH or in the Oval Office ..LBJ was a pure pro…he know how to hide or subtly mask things but it appears for a few seconds his true feelings are seen here !!! “Little things” like JFK’s body/coffin being awkwardly and inappropriately being carried up, very oddly up the actual steps of AF1 like some piece of evicted ( a perfect term) furniture like a piano or a large piece of luagge ( “evictions” can be ugly and unexpected !) …instead of thru the, what would seem the more respectable and appropriate “lift” mechanism, as was used I am sure throughout this TX trip or ANY TRIP for large and heavy pieces of luggage or needed items by and for the President and/or First lady and their subordinates…I have a book in my library, on AF1 and its pilots.. Within that book, it shows a photo of JFK using some such type of lift when his back was really sore. Also when the plane arrived at Andrews AFB, it,JFK’s body/coffin was removed with the due practical and well as appropriate/respectful way via the use of and photographed and filmed mechanism and then lowered to then be placed in the nearby hearse by agents and aides, at Andrews AFB. I’ve researched this thing… this tragic treasonous event for so long that sometimes my “third eye) the intuitive one…picks up things not discussed…once in a while….

  9. david t. krall

    October 26, 2015 at 8:35 am

    Per my above posts, I believe that even though LBJ was not a prime “initial mover” and/or not the only “Initial mover” , he was at the very least a facilitator or minimally an enabler of the most important kind, This applies to his ‘team” and others in his orbit, some of whom were well positioned and placed to be considered also, some of the major players and “movers” behind the scenes and at the top of the plot, from the very beginning. Thus possibly “tweaking” LBJ along and down the line and at the deemed, strategically or felt “appropriate” time and place ( maybe at some point near or shortly before the “event”) to “let him know” or let him “figure out” what was swirling and awaiting in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas. Even though what I pointed out, and realize are not “hard” evidence or prima facie evidence by any means or any stretch, they are interesting perspectives and “perceptions” that cast a further dark light on the events of 11/22/63. From my research of over 40+ years, this “BIG EVENT” was nothing less than an historical “parallel”, analogy or “mirror”/reflection of the assassination plot and murder of Julius Caesar or the numerous plots culminating in the last attempt against Adolf Hitler on 7/20/44 at “The Wolf’s Lair” HQ’s known as Operation Valkyrie. Actually that plot/attempt on 7/20/44, and a few of the ones before it, have many interesting and numerous parallels regarding the depth, position and “navigation” of the plotters on varying levels. There are other “parallels” concerning DeGaulle, Mao and other world leaders, including the blood-less coup and removal of Khruschev in October of 1964, which, in some ways was a “sequel” to 11/22/63, by Khruschev’s own domestic enemies and rivals in the USSR, which were a “mirror” of JFK’s own/U.S. domestic enemies.

  10. Paul Connolly

    June 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Love this analysis. So glad to have found it. Thank you.


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