The JFK Witness Death Quiz

20 Sep

The JFK Witness Death Quiz

Richard Charnin
Sept.30, 2013
Updated:March 23,2014

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These graphs are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

1- The reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination does not include
a) suspects, b) victims, c) law enforcement officials, d) witnesses, e) athletes, f) investigators

2- The total number of witnesses who testified or gave depositions to the Warren Commission was
a) 286, b) 418, c) 552

3- Which of the following unnatural death categories has the lowest mortality rate?
a) homicide, b) suicide, c) accident

4- The London Sunday Times engaged an actuary to calculate the odds of JFK witness deaths. The actuary calculated the odds of 18 deaths (13 unnatural) within three years of the assassination as
a) 1 in 100,000, b) 1 in 100,000 million, c) 1 in 100,000 trillion

5- Which is not a factor in calculating the probability of unnatural JFK witness deaths?
a) Number in group, b) number of deaths, c) cause of death, d) time period, e) motive

6- The HSCA statistician claimed the number of relevant JFK witnesses was unknown, therefore the probability of  deaths could not be calculated. The HSCA reported on just 21 suspicious deaths. It failed to consider the number  of witnesses who
a) testified or gave depositions at the Warren Commission,
b) were sought to testify in four JFK-related investigations,
c) were material witnesses,
d) all of the above

7- Assuming 1400 JFK-related witnesses,  expected unnatural deaths from 1964-78 was
a) 12, b) 17, c) 27

8- The JFK Calc database includes 122 suspicious deaths from 1964-78, of which 78 were ruled unnatural. Approximately how many were actually unnatural?
a) 81, b) 91, c) 99

9- Nationally, homicides were 10% of unnatural deaths in 1964-78. There were 78 officially ruled unnatural deaths among JFK material witnesses. How many were ruled homicides?
a) 34, b) 47, c) 57

10- The Poisson distribution calculates witness death probabilities in a given time period and requires
a) the actual number of unnatural deaths, b) the expected number of unnatural deaths, c) both

11- The expected number of unnatural deaths among N individuals in T years given mortality rate R is
a) N*T*R, b) N*R/T, c) N*T/R

12- How many top FBI officials died within a 6 month period in 1977 prior to their scheduled testimony at the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)?
a) 2, b) 3, c) 7

13- The 1964-78 average annual unnatural mortality rate was .000825. Given 552 Warren Commission witnesses, approximately 7 unnatural deaths were expected. There were
a) 7, b) 10, c) 20

14- In 1964-78, approximately 1100 witnesses were called or sought in four JFK-related investigations (Warren, Garrison, Church_Committee, HSCA). Fourteen unnatural deaths would normally have been expected. How many were there?
a) 12, b) 24, c) 46

15- The probability of 78 officially ruled unnatural deaths among 1400 JFK witnesses from 1964-1978 is so low that it must be expressed in scientific notation: P= E-63. To put this number in context, there are an estimated E24 (one trillion trillion) stars in the universe. P= E-63 is equivalent to 1 in
a) 10 million trillion, b) 100 trillion trillion, c) 1 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion

16- The Paradigm Shift in the analysis of witness deaths refers to
a) quantitative factors only, b) motivation for elimination, c) connection to the assassination

17- The mathematical technique to determine a set of outcomes (probabilities) over a range of input variables (witnesses, unnatural deaths) is called
a) sensitivity analysis,
b) matrix analysis,
c) simulation analysis

18- As the ratio of actual to expected unnatural deaths in a group increases, the probabilities
a) increase, b) decrease

19- To calculate the probability that 7 FBI officials called to testify at HSCA would die in a six month period prior to their scheduled testimony, we need to know the
a) cause of death, b) number of FBI called to testify, c) a and b, d) connection to the assassination

20- The probability analysis of unnatural deaths for various JFK witness groupings is
a) not proof of a conspiracy, b) mathematical proof of a conspiracy, c) just a theoretical exercise

21- Of the 122 JFK-related deaths, how many occurred in the Dallas area?
a) 9, b) 29, c) 51

22- Warren Commission apologists claim witness deaths occurred in high crime locations, invalidating the E-31 probability of 34  ruled homicides. If the JFK witness homicide rate was triple the national rate, the probability is
a) E-6 (1 in 1 million), b) E-9 (1 in 1 billion), c) E-17 (1 in 1000 trillion)

23- According to Vince Bugliosi, the witness death probability calculation should be based on the 2479 names listed in the index to the Warren Commission Report (which includes George Washington and Abe Lincoln, among other non-witnesses). Assuming 2479 witnesses, the probability of 34 officially ruled homicides is
a) 1 in 9 million, b) 1 in 77 billion, c) 1 in 90 billion trillion

24- Naysayers cite the FBI claim of conducting 25,000 interviews, without considering the number of re-interviews or how many were material. There were approximately 1400 JFK-related material witnesses. Even assuming the grossly inflated 25,000 figure, the probability of 84 homicides from 1964-78 is
a) 1 in 15,000, b) 1 in 250 million, c) 1 in 100 trillion

25- At least 70 of approximately 122 JFK Calc witnesses who died from unnatural and natural causes in 1964-78 testified or were sought in four investigations.  The probability of 46 unnatural deaths is
a) 1 in 1 billion, 2) 1 in 1 trillion, c) 1 in 1 trillion trillion trillion

26- There are 656 JFK-related individuals in the Simkin JFK Index. In the index, there were 70 suspicious deaths, including 44 unnatural (22 homicides, 11 accidents, 11 suicides). The probability of 22 homicides among the 656 from 1964-1978 is
a) 1 in a billion, b) 1 in a trillion, c) 1 in a trillion trillion

1e 2c 3a 4c 5e 6d 7b 8c 9a 10c 11a 12c 13c 14c 15c
16a 17a 18b 19c 20b 21c 22c 23c 24c 25c 26c


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2 responses to “The JFK Witness Death Quiz

  1. Barrys ConspiracyWorld

    September 21, 2013 at 11:31 am

    Fascinating and powerful. Thanks!

  2. flybynews

    September 23, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Important facts to see through the smoke screen full of lies.. and precious lives..
    Thank you Richard.


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