JFK: REELZ’s Nonsensical”Smoking Gun”, the Parkland Doctors and “Executive Action”

10 Nov

JFK: REELZ’s Nonsensical “Smoking Gun”, the Parkland Doctors and “Executive Action”

Richard Charnin
Nov. 10, 2013
Updated: Dec.23,2013

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The REELZ documentary The Smoking Gun is based on Mortal Error, a propaganda screed that is easily exposed mathematically. REELZ’s promotion will backfire and be seen as a desperate “Hail Mary” attempt to salvage the Warren Commission myth that Oswald was shooting from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository and claim that he wasn’t the only shooter. This pathetic documentary claims that Secret Service agent George Hickey accidentally shot JFK from behind.

Well, if he did, he never bothered to tell the Warren Commission in his testimony The REELZ special was a Big Lie.

This travesty is a transparently blatant attempt to kill five birds with one stone to 1) maintain the myth of no conspiracy, 2) absolve the Secret Service, 3) maintain the myth that Oswald was shooting simultaneously, 4) show that the discredited Single Bullet Theory was no longer operative or a necessary condition to explain all the shots. But the real goal was 5) to add another “conspiracy theory” into the mix in order to marginalize scientific expert researchers who have developed overwhelming FACTUAL ballistic, acoustic, eyewitness and medical evidence that refutes the Single Bullet Theory.

Of course REELZ also failed to mention the mathematical proof of a conspiracy based on the astounding number of “convenient” witness deaths occurring in critical periods of four JFK investigations from 1964-78.

This sleight of hand is so obvious, it is transparent to anyone with the intelligence of a fly. It will not achieve its objective of a “limited hangout” in order to perpetuate the BIG LIE. It just shows the desperation of the Warren Commission apologists and the corporate media’s shameless unceasing 50-year agenda to cover-up the true facts of the assassination.

Calculating the odds of misfiring and killing JFK is difficult, but let’s make a plausible attempt. Assume the odds are one in a million that the agent’s gun would misfire (i.e. it is possible but extremely unlikely). Assume the Secret Service shooter was 60 feet behind JFK. The objective is to calculate the odds that an accidental misfire would hit JFK in the head. It is actually a simple geometry problem if we make certain assumptions as to the area of possible bullet trajectories.

We will assume a half-circle misfiring perimeter. The radius (distance from the shooter to JFK) is 60 feet. Therefore, the length of the half circle is L = PI*R = 3.14*60*12 = 2260 inches. Let’s assume a vertical height H of 100 inches. Then the total area of possible misfire is A = L*H = 226,000 square inches. The probability of the stray bullet hitting a one inch square target is 1 in 226,000. But there is a one in a million chance of an accidental misfire. Therefore a conservative gross estimate of the probability P of an accidentally misfired bullet hitting JFK is P = 1/226,000 * 1/1,000,000 or 1 in 226 billion.

But this cursory mathematical exercise is unnecessary. The Parkland doctors all stated that the shots came from the front.

Before Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan decided to make Executive Action in 1973, they needed to believe in a conspiracy. They did so by analyzing the evidence. THEY WERE NOT INTIMIDATED. THEY FELT THAT THE FILM HAD TO BE MADE. That was forty years ago. The evidence was overwhelming then; it is even more so now.

These graphs and tables are mathematical proof of a conspiracy.

Dr. Charles Crenshaw
Parkland doctor Charles Crenshaw was there, trying to save JFK. He was interviewed by ABC years back. But how many Americans are aware of it? It was indeed a Conspiracy of Silence, the title of Crenshaw’s book. The YouTube video must go viral. If it does, the debate will be over. Take 10 minutes to learn the truth. Watch this interview. It says it all.

The Single Bullet Theory
The Warren Commission claimed that the throat wound was an exit wound. A single bullet hit Kennedy in the back, exited the front of his neck, and then changed direction to hit Governor John Connally (sitting in front of Kennedy) in the back, wrist and leg. WC member Rep. Gerald Ford (R-MI) changed the position of JFK’s back wound to conform to the single-bullet theory.

In July 1997, pages from the original draft of the Warren Report were released, describing the path of the famous single—or magic—bullet. The memo stated: “A bullet had entered his back at a point slightly above the shoulder to the right of the spine.” In pen, Ford changed the report to read, “A bullet had entered the back of his neck at a point slightly to the right of the spine,” thus making the single-bullet theory plausible.

The Gaping Exit Wound
Parkland surgeon, Robert McClelland, MD. described JFK’s skull exit wound in a drawing first published in the book, “Six Seconds in Dallas” by Josiah Thompson. The image, reprinted from “High Treason” by authors Robert Groden and Harrison Livingstone, includes a letter from Parkland professor Paul Peters, MD, corroborating the location Dr. McClelland gave for JFK’s gaping skull wound. It was reproduced in ARRB Medical Document #264.

The Small Throat Wound
The throat wound was made by the first of the two (or possibly more) bullets that struck Kennedy. It was not the fatal wound. The physicians who performed the autopsy did not see this wound in its original state, because it was obliterated by one of the Parkland doctors, Dr. Malcolm Perry, when he made a surgical incision over it in order to perform a tracheotomy. Therefore, only the doctors and nurses at Parkland hospital had a view of this wound in its original state. All of the Parkland doctors and the nurse who offered an opinion on the throat wound characterized it as an entrance wound:

On November 22, 1963, millions of Americans heard radio and TV networks report that Dr. Malcolm Perry, a Dallas Physician who was with the President in the emergency room when he died, said there was a bullet entrance wound situated on the front of Kennedy’s neck. He said “there was an entrance wound below the Adam’s apple.”

Tom Wicker with the New York Times: Dr. Malcolm Perry, an attending surgeon, and Dr. Kemp Clark, chief of neurosurgery at Parkland Hospital, gave more details. Mr. Kennedy was hit by a bullet in the throat, just below the Adam’s apple, they said. This wound had the appearance of a bullet’s entry…

Dallas News reporter John Geddie: Dr. Perry said, “in the lower portion of Kennedy’s neck, right in the front, there was a small puncture”.

Dr. Ronald Jones in his Warren Commission deposition explained why the doctors considered the throat wound to be an entrance wound: “The hole was very small and relatively clean-cut as you would see in a bullet that is entering rather than exiting from a patient”.

Dr. Paul Peters testified at the Warren Commission Hearings: “We saw the wound of entry in the throat and noted the large occipital wound, and it is a known fact that high velocity missiles often have a small wound of entrance and a large wound of exit…”

Dr. Charles Baxter noted that such a wound (to have been an exit wound) would be “unusual… ordinarily there would have been a rather large wound of exit.”

Dr. Charles Carrico: On the afternoon of November 22, Dr. Carrico described the throat wound in his medical report as “a small penetrating wound of the ant. (front) neck in the lower 1/3”.

Nurse Margaret Henchliffe testified to the Warren Commission: “It was just a little hole in the middle of his neck… about as big around as the end of my little finger… that looked like an entrance bullet hole…”

Dr. Robert McClelland told the Post-Dispatch: “It certainly did look like an entrance wound.” He explained that a bullet from a low velocity rifle, like the one thought to have been used, characteristically makes a small entrance wound, sets up shock waves inside the body, and tears a big opening when it passes out the other side.

Dr. McClelland conceded that it was possible that the throat wound marked the exit of a bullet fired into the back of the President’s neck… “but we are familiar with bullet wounds,” he said. “We see them every day – sometimes several a day. This did appear to be an entrance wound.”

McClelland noted in the same interview, having been informed that Lee Harvey Oswald had shot the President from behind: “We postulated that if it was a wound of entry, as we thought it was… he would have to have been looking almost completely to the rear”.

McClelland testified to the Warren Commission: “At the moment… it was our impression before we had any other information… that this was one bullet, that perhaps had entered through the front of the neck and then in some peculiar fashion which we really had… to strain to explain to ourselves, had coursed up the front of the vertebra and into the base of the skull and out the rear of the skull”.

Dr. Robert Shaw said that the doctors were “a little baffled” by the throat wound:“The assassin was behind him, yet the bullet entered at the front of his neck. Mr. Kennedy must have turned to his left to talk to Mrs. Kennedy or to wave to someone”.

“Doctor, describe the entrance wound. You think from the front in the throat?”
DR. PERRY — “The wound appeared to be an entrance wound in the front of the throat; yes, that is correct. The exit wound, I don’t know. It could have been the head or there could have been a second wound of the head. There was not time to determine this at the particular instant.”

Three Great JFK Films
Executive Action:
JFK is the Oliver Stone classic starring Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison:
Thirteen Days shows how JFK handled during the Cuban Missile Crisis:

Conspiracy Mathematical Proof
An actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times calculated 100,000 trillion to one odds against 18 material witness dying within three years of the assassination (thirteen died unnaturally by homicide, accident and suicide, 3 by heart attacks, 2 by natural causes). The calculation has been confirmed.

The reference Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination contains summaries of 1400+ material witnesses. Based on the national average total mortality rate (0.010193), approximately 214 would be expected to die in the 15 years from 1964-78. Given the national average unnatural mortality rate (0.000808), only 17 unnatural deaths would be expected, but there were at least 96. The probability of 96 unnatural deaths is E-39 (ZERO). It’s a ridiculous E-111 using the JFK-weighted witness rate (0.000127).

Convenient deaths spiked in 1964 (Warren Commission) and 1977 (House Select Committee).

JFK Calc is a spreadsheet/database of 120 suspicious deaths. At least 96 were unnatural (80 homicides, 8 accidents, 5 suicides, 3 unknown). Of the 120, 95 are included in Who’s Who.

These deaths, categorized as homicides in the database, were officially ruled as suicides (Stockdale, Ferrie, Pitzer, De Morenshildt, Craig, Underhill, Surrey); sudden cancers (Ruby, Martin, Artime, Dyer); illnesses (Smith, Carter); accident (Sherman).

These deaths were officially ruled as accidents (Sullivan, Sherman, Kilgallen, Bowers); heart attacks (Regis Kennedy, Howard) There were many others. But they may very well have been homicides.

If any of the official “accidents”, “suicides” and “heart attacks” were actually homicides, the probabilities would be lower still. But it’s a moot point since the probability is ZERO given the official cause of death.

It is important to note that the 1964-78 average homicide rate was much lower than accidental deaths and suicides, therefore comparing unnatural deaths to the expected number is not nearly as dramatic as comparing homicides. Nationally, homicides comprised 10% of unnatural deaths. Among the 78 official unnatural deaths, there were 35 (48%) homicides. But in JFK Calc,homicides were 83% of 96 unnatural deaths. If the analysis were based on homicides, the mathematical proof would be simpler and more powerful.

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