JFK-related Unnatural and Suspicious Deaths in the JFK Calc spreadsheet and Simkin’s JFK Index

25 Dec

JFK-related Unnatural and Suspicious Deaths in the JFK Calc spreadsheet and Simkin’s JFK Index

Richard Charnin
Dec. 25, 2013
Updated: June 10, 2015

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Warren Commission defenders claim that there is no definable set of relevant JFK-related individuals whose deaths were unnatural and/or suspicious. This assertion has been proven false in previous posts by the fact that a statistically impossible number (67) of witnesses out of approximately 1100 called to testify in four investigations died suspiciously in the 15 years from 1964-78. They are relevant by definition because they were sought to testify. This obvious fact still eludes the corporate media and Warren apologists.

But there is even more proof of witness relevance. Approximately 656 JFK-related important figures, witnesses and possible conspirators are listed in John Simkin’s JFK index in the Spartacus Educational website:

Seventy (70) of the 656 names in the Simkin JFK Index are included among 126 suspicious deaths in the JFK Calc spreadsheet. Officially 44 deaths were ruled unnatural, including 22 homicides. Only 8 unnatural deaths would be expected based on historical mortality rates.

Warren Commission apologist John McAdams made the outrageous claim that Simkin inserted the individuals who died suspiciously in the JFK index because they died. That insane comment shows just how desperate disinformationists react when confronted with facts and analysis which prove the conspiracy.

The probability of 44 unnatural deaths among the 656 from 1964-78 is P= E-41 (one in one trillion trillion trillion).

The probability of 22 homicides given the 0.000084 national homicide rate is P= 6.4E-24 (one in a 150 billion trillion). If we triple the rate (over 50 witnesses were from the Dallas area), the probability is P= 4.3E-14 (one in 23 trillion).

Statistical expectation of the 44 officially ruled accidents, suicides, heart attacks and sudden cancer suspicious deaths indicate that approximately 26 were actually HOMICIDES. Therefore, there were approximately 48 homicides among the 70 suspicious deaths.

The probability of 48 homicides is less than 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion!

Cause of death mortality rates (age-adjusted)

Official and actual causes of death are included in both the JFK Calc spreadsheet and the Simkin JFK Index.

JFK Index Group.Total...Suspicious death
Key figures.....190......10....5.3%


Cause of Death Official Actual (est.)
Homicide (M)....22.....48
Accident (A)....11......4
Suicide (S).....11......3
Heart (H).......14......8
Other (O)........8......3
Natural (N)......4......4
Total Causes....70.....70

(I)nvestigator, (W)itness, (C)onspirator, (O)ther
* not in "Who's Who in JFK Assassination"

1 Buddy Walthers M M
2 C.D. Jackson H H
3 Carlos Prio M M
4 Charles Cabell O O
5 Charles Murret O M
6 Charles Nicoletti M M
7 Clay Shaw O O
8 Cliff Carter O M
9 Dave Yaras M M
10 David Ferrie S M
11 David Morales * H M
12 Desmond Fitzgerald H H
13 Earl Cabell N N
14 Eladio Del Valle M M
15 Frank Wisner S S
16 George DeMorenschildt S M
17 Guy Banister H M
18 J.Edgar Hoover H H
19 Jack Ruby O M
20 Jimmy Hoffa M M
21 Johnny Roselli M M
22 Lucien Sarti M M
23 Lyndon Johnson H H
24 Mac Wallace * A M
25 Manuel Artime O M
26 Mary Sherman A M
27 Paul Helliwell* O O
28 Richard Cain M M
29 Roland Masferrer M M
30 Roscoe White A M
31 Sam Giancana M M
32 Thomas E. Davis A M
33 William Harvey H M
34 William Pawley* S S
35 William Sullivan A M
36 Winston Scott * H M
37 Bill Hunter M M
38 Dorothy Kilgallen A M
39 Hale Boggs A A
40 Jim Koethe M M
41 Merriman Smith S S
42 Alan Belmont N N
43 Bill Decker N N
44 Billy Lovelady H M
45 Earlene Roberts H H
46 Eddie Benavides M M
47 Florence Smith O M
48 Gary Underhill S M
49 James Truitt S M
50 Karyn Kupcinet M M
51 Ken O'Donnell N N
52 Lee Bowers A M
53 Lisa Howard * S M
54 Nancy Tyler A A
55 Roger Craig S M
56 Rose Cheramie M M
57 Roy Kellerman H H
58 Tom Howard H M
59 Warren Reynolds M M
60 William Pitzer S M
61 Dorothy Hunt A A
62 Grant Stockdale * S M
63 J.D. Tippit M M
64 John Paisley * M M
65 Lee Harvey Oswald M M
66 Mary Jo Kopechne A A
67 Mary Pinchot Meyer M M
68 Robert F. Kennedy M M
69 Sheffield Edwards H H
70 Thom Karamessines H H


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