JFK: A Closer Look at the Convenient Deaths of Warren Commission Witnesses

27 Jan

JFK: A Closer Look at the Convenient Deaths of Warren Commission Witnesses

Richard Charnin
Jan. 27, 2014
Updated: Oct. 11, 2015

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In 1967, the CIA reported that 418 witnesses testified at the Warren Commission. An additional 134 gave affidavits so there were 552 witnesses in total.

In the 15 year period from 1964-78, 31 of the 552 witnesses died unnaturally or from highly suspicious heart attacks, sudden cancers, etc. Sixteen (16) deaths were officially ruled unnatural (4 homicides, 6 accidents, 5 suicide, 1 unknown) and 15 natural (5 heart attacks, 3 sudden cancers, one from pneumonia due to “unavailable” penicillin, one mysterious blood clot, one alcoholism, 4 natural). There weret likely at least 21 unnatural deaths, including 17 homicides.

The probability of 16 ruled unnatural deaths among 552 WC witnesses from 1964-78 is 1 in 200 million. The probability of 21 actual unnatural deaths (including 17 homicides) is 1 in 20 million trillion.

An actuary engaged by The London Sunday Times calculated 100,000 trillion to 1 odds against 18 material witness deaths within three years of the assassination. In 1978, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) said that the calculation was “invalid”, claiming that it was impossible to determine the “known universe” of witnesses. That was a false statement since a known group of 552 witnesses testified at the Warren Commission. The actuary’s odds were confirmed by an independent probability analysis.

Jacqueline Hess was the HSCA statistician designated to investigate suspicious deaths related to the JFK assassination. Note that the HSCA documented 21 deaths, but not one was in the CIA, FBI, Dallas police, Mafia or anti-Castro Cubans. Several names cited by Hess in her testimony were conveniently missing from the list of 21: mobsters: Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli and  George De Morenschildt, a close friend of Oswald. He supposedly committed suicide the day he was to be interviewed by HSCA.

HSCA statistician testimony

Mr. EDGAR – Will you provide for the record a detailed listing of the 21 names and the evidence you have found relating to their deaths?
Ms. HESS – Yes. Do you want me to read them for the record?
Mr. EDGAR – It might be helpful.
Ms. HESS – Edward Benavides, Albert Guy Bogard, Hale Boggs, Lee Bowers, Jr., Bill Chesher, Nicholas J. Chetta, David Goldstein, Thomas Hale Howard, William Hunter, Clyde Johnson, Dorothy Kilgallen, Thomas Henry Killam, Jim Koethe, FNU Levens, Nancy Jane Mooney, Teresa Norton, Earlene Roberts, Harold Russell, Marilyn April Walle, a.k.a. Betty McDonald, William W. Whaley, James R. Worrell, Sam Giancana, John Roselli.
Mr. EDGAR – Thank you. I think it very helpful for the record that those names be included. Can you indicate why Mr. DeMohrenschildt’s name was not included?
Ms. HESS – His was one of those which deemed further investigation and became part of a great investigative effort.
Mr. EDGAR – That was not part of the exact study?
Ms. HESS – It was in terms of the compilation of data. I compiled the data on his death and any police reports, et cetera, as part of this project. But then in terms of subsequent investigation that was done by the investigators.
Mr. EDGAR – I think it would be helpful in terms of our final analysis to have a chance to review the material you compiled. I thank you for your report.

Warren Commission apologists and Lone Nutters Dave Reitzes and John McAdams claim that the 31 WC witnesses (and 90 others) who died unnaturally or suspiciously were not relevant or connected to the assassination. Their claim is ridiculous on its face. It exposes their agenda of disinformation.

What Reitzes and McAdams fail to consider or appreciate is the Paradigm Shift in analyzing the problem: The relevance of an individual witness, although obvious, is not a factor in the calculation. Witness connections to the case are not an issue. It is purely a mathematical problem.

The Paradigm Shift as related to the Warren Commission is simply this: There were 552 witnesses, of whom at least 21 died unnaturally in the 1964-78. That is all one needs to know in order to calculate the probability – nothing more. The only variables are 1) the weighted average JFK-witness unnatural mortality rate (0.000285), 2) time period (15 years), 3) number of witnesses (552), and 4) number of unnatural deaths (at least 16).

The witnesses were obviously ALL relevant since they testified. Twelve of the 31 were also called in three other investigations: Garrison/Shaw trial (4), Church Senate hearings (1) and HSCA (5). But many died shortly before their scheduled testimony. Just another coincidence?

There is no excuse for WC apologists continued lack of understanding. It indicates mathematical immaturity and/or unwillingness to accept the evidence. But that is nothing new. They stick to their agenda at all cost: to defy the obvious witness connections, common sense and the mathematical proofs. They don’t care how bad they look in the process. They fail to comprehend the fact that even if witness connections are not obvious (which they are), the mathematical probabilities prove the connections – and therefore a conspiracy.

WC apologists are not alone in their avoidance and dismissal of the facts. They are supported by a complicit corporate media which still promotes the myth that Oswald was the Lone Assassin. The media disregards the official 1979 HSCA determination of a “probable” conspiracy based on acoustic evidence with a 96% probability that shots were fired from the front.

The HSCA was a “limited hangout” based on the thoroughly debunked Single Bullet Theory. Powerful medical evidence of entrance wounds was disregarded.The overwhelming probabilities of a witness “clean-up” operation was dismissed as “invalid”. The HSCA was determined to support the Warren Commission myth of Oswald being the Lone Assassin. There is  ZERO evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald ever fired a shot.

But the public is not so easily fooled: 75% do not believe the Warren Report, in spite of what the corporate media talking heads say.

Warren Commission Witnesses
(yymm of death)

6401 Warren Reynolds, a witness at the Tippit shooting, told the FBI that the man he saw running from Tippet scene NOT Oswald; He was shot in the head, survived and changed his testimony at the Warren Commission. As it was an attempted murder, Reynolds is included in the list.

6402 Domingo Benavides, a Tippit witness, could not identify Oswald as the shooter. He was forced to change his testimony after his look-alike brother Eddie was killed by gunshot. His father-in-law was shot two weeks later. Eddie must be included among the suspicious deaths because his brother testified at the WC.

6410 Charles Murret, Oswald’s uncle and surrogate father, had ties to organized crime and worked for Carlos Marcello. He died from sudden cancer at 63.

6507 Harold Russell,s a witness to the Tippit slaying, was murdered by a cop in a bar from a blow to the head.

6512 William Whaley was the cab driver who reportedly drove Oswald to Oak Cliff. His log notes and physical description of Oswald were incorrect. His log indicated a pickup at 12:30 pm when Oswald was at the TSBD. The Warren Commission said the pickup must have been at 12:45. Whaley died in a motor collision, the only Dallas taxi driver to ever die on duty.

6601 Earlene Roberts, Oswald’s landlady, said Oswald left his room at 1:00 pm, She saw him standing at a bus stop at 1:04. Therefore, it was impossible for him to have shot Tippit nearly one mile away. Helen Markham and other eyewitnesses estimated 1:06-1:10pm as the time of the shooting. Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig checked his watch on hearing the news at 1:06. But the Warren Commission said Tippit was shot at 1:16. This was an artifice to give Oswald enough time to get to the location. Roberts claimed she was ordered by police to remain silent. She died from a heart attack. No autopsy was performed.

6602 Albert Bogard, a car salesman, testified that Oswald test drove a car (LHO did not have a license but knew how to drive). He was severely beaten after his testimony. His death from carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage was ruled a suicide.

6606 Frank Martin, a Dallas policeman who witnessed Oswald’s slaying, said: “There is a lot to be said but it’s best that I don’t say it” died from sudden cancer.

6608 Lee Bowers, a railroad worker who witnessed two men behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll and saw a flash of light and smoke, died in a one-car crash. No autopsy.

6611 James Worrell witnessed a man flee from the rear of the Texas School Book Depository. He died in a motorcycle accident.

6701 Jack Ruby shot Oswald in the Dallas police station. His ties to the mob were never mentioned in the Warren report. In jail, he later claimed a conspiracy by top govt officials and said he was injected with cancer. He died 29 days later at age 56. He had just been granted a new trial.

6808 Phil Geraci III met LHO at the Carlos Bringuier shop where he raised money for Cubans. His father died by an accidental electrocution.

6901 Buddy Walthers, a Dallas Deputy Sheriff, searched the TSBD. He took a photo of the famous “tramps” and found a .45-cal. slug. He confirmed Roger Craig’s testimony when he went to Ruth Paine’s house and saw a Nash Rambler in the driveway. He was sought by Garrison but died by gunshot.

7008 Bill Decker, a Dallas Sheriff, did not allow Roger Craig to tell his story.He died of natural causes at 72.

7101 Edward Voebel, an Oswald classmate who attended CAP meetings (with Ferrie), called reports LHO studied communism “baloney”. He died of a blood clot and pneumonia at 31.

7109 Cliff Carter, chief aide to LBJ, knew Billy Sol Estes and Mac Wallace. He helped forge secret service IDs and changes to the motorcade route. He died of pneumonia in Washington, D.C since penicillin was “unavailable”.

7201 Hale Boggs served on the Warren Commission. He expressed doubts about the single bullet theory. His plane disappeared on an Alaskan flight.

7205 J.Edgar Hoover, FBI director, “solved” the case within hours but never disclosed that Oswald was an FBI informant and had telexed warnings to the FBI that JFK would be assassinated in Chicago or Dallas. He died of a heart attack at 77. No autopsy.

7501 Allen Sweatt, a Dallas Deputy Sheriff, told Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr that Oswald was $200/mo FBI informant. This was never revealed by the Warren Commission. He died of natural causes at 59.

7502 Ira (Jack) Beers photographed the three tramps in Dealey Plaza. He died of a heart attack one week after the photos were published at the time of the Church Senate investigation.

7505 Roger Craig, a Dallas Deputy sheriff, testified with officers Weitzman, Boone, Day, that he saw a “7.65 Mauser” on the first rifle found at the TSBD. He  checked his watch at 1:06pm when he first heard of the Tippit slaying, proving that Oswald could not have killed Tippit. LHO left his apt. one mile from the shooting at 1:04. After many attempts on his life, Craig died by gunshot. It was ruled a suicide.

7509 Earl Cabell, Dallas mayor and brother of Gen. Charles Cabell (CIA) who was fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs in 1961. There is evidence that Earl changed the route of motorcade. He heard three shots, the last two virtually simultaneously which was impossible with a Carcano. Cabell died of natural causes at age 69.

7601 Charles Gregory, Connally’s physician, died of a heart attack at 56, just prior to the HSCA investigation.

7703 Paul Raigorodsky, a close business associate of De Morenschildt and oil men, died of natural causes at 79 – the same month as De Morenschildt.

7703 George De Morenschildt was a close friend of Oswald and a CIA operative close to Big Oil in Dallas. He had George Bush’s phone number in his wallet when he allegedly committed “suicide” by gunshot  the day he was notified to testify at HSCA.

7707 Ken O’Donnell, a close aide to JFK, said shots came from front. But he was forced to change testimony and died of alcoholism at 53.

7708 Alan Belmont, an FBI document expert, died from a “long illness”  just before he was due to testify at HSCA.

7708 James Cadigan, an FBI official, was chief liaison to the Warren Commission. He died from a fall in his home before just before he was due to testify at HSCA.

7801 Clint “Lummie” Lewis, a Dallas policeman, interviewed Jim Braden in Dealey Plaza. He died of natural causes shortly before he was due to testify at HSCA.

7901 Billy Lovelady, a TSBD employee, testified that he heard shots fired from the Grassy Knoll. He claimed he did not wear the same shirt as “Doorman” (Oswald) standing in front of the TSBD in the Altgens6 photo. He died of complications from a heart attack at 41 during the HSCA – a 1 in 10,000 probability.

Penn Jones was the original investigator of strange witness deaths.

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