The New JFK Calc Witness Spreadsheet: Absolute Numerical Proof of a Conspiracy

27 Feb

The New JFK Calc Witness Spreadsheet: Absolute Numerical Proof of a Conspiracy

Richard Charnin
Feb. 27, 2014
Updated March 1, 2014

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The JFK Calc spreadsheet was originally created to analyze unnatural witness death probabilities. It has been expanded to include live witness testimony.

1) Material Witness Deaths
A detailed analysis of 122 JFK-related witness deaths (78 unnatural) from 1964-78 shows that the probabilities of the deaths are 1 in trillions. It confirmed the London Times actuary’s calculation which was dismissed by the HSCA lead statistician as invalid with the bogus claim that there was no way to determine the extent of the witness universe.

The HSCA did not mention the Warren Commission’s 552 witnesses and the 1100+ sought to testify in four investigations. Even more astounding, the HSCA failed to mention that 7 top FBI who were sought to testify at the HSCA itself all died within a 6 month period in 1977.

2) Dealey Plaza Witnesses: Origin of shots
In three of four surveys, a large majority of witnesses said shots came from the Grassy Knoll. Only John McAdams survey showed a TSBD majority.
In the Adjusted survey, 92 witnesses said shots were from the Grassy Knoll.

Origin.......Feldman McAdams Galanor Adjusted
Grassy Knoll....51......35......52......83
Book Depository.32......61......48......37
GK and TSBD......0.......2.......5.......9

3) Time interval between shots
A “double-bang” of nearly simultaneous shots was reported by at least 44 witnesses.This was impossible for a bolt-action Mannlicher-Carcano with telescopic sight; it required at least 2.3 seconds between shots.  Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman described the shots as a “flurry” and had “practically no time element between them.”

4) JFK Limo Speed
Thirty-three (33) of 59 witnesses stated that the Limo came to a full stop, 13 said it came to a near stop, 13 did not comment. Their testimony contradicts the Zapruder film which does not even show a near stop. It is clear proof that the film must have been altered. The eyewitnesses confirmed the photographic experts and others who claimed to have seen the original.

5) Description of JFK Wounds: Parkland and Autopsy
The initial observations of 44 Parkland Hospital and Autopsy witnesses depicted a gaping exit wound in the right rear of JFK’s skull, indicating a shot from the front.The Parkland doctors also observed an entrance wound to the throat.

Note: Disregard the summary in the following caption. The author is obviously a WC  apologist. He has it completely wrong. The witnesses spoke the truth. The photos that the author refers to were doctored to cover up the head wound. The drawing reflects the truth.

The one-sided eyewitness evidence constitutes overwhelming proof of a conspiracy. The mainstream media is complicit in propagating transparent Warren Commission lies in the 50 year cover-up. Why does it continue to hide the facts? It should allow a prime-time debate between JFK truth seekers and Warren Commission apologists. There is no longer any doubt. Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsy and never fired a shot. The history books will have to be re-written.


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9 responses to “The New JFK Calc Witness Spreadsheet: Absolute Numerical Proof of a Conspiracy

  1. Lonnie Gallop

    February 27, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    I have for years now that Oswald has never fried a shot.. And they even dug him up.

  2. Sean Armitage Jr.

    March 2, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    This theory has been disproven for forty years. Why were so many lone-nut advocates on the mysterious death list (such as Abraham Zapruder)? Wouldn’t the conspiracy hit squad WANT the lone nut witnesses to remain healthy and strong to keep the lie alive? And why no conspiracy researchers on the list? Wouldn’t the world wide conspiracy hit squad want to eliminate people like Robert Groden, Jack White, Penn Jones, Jim Marrs, and others that were exposing the conspiracy. Strangely NOT ONE conspiracy advocate is on the death list, yet the BROTHER of a Tippit shooting witnesses WAS on the list.

    This mysterious death is for nuts and nuts alone. No sane researcher gives ANY credence to such nonsense.

    • Richard Charnin

      March 3, 2014 at 4:20 pm

      Sean, is that all you Lone Nutters have left in regards to convenient witness deaths?

      I am not going to waste time with you.Your pathetic argument is right out of the McAdams playbook.

      There are 120 on the list who died from 1964-78.
      63 were sought to testify in four investigations – that makes them relevant.

      Do you know what the odds are?

      Go through the list:

      Reporters who died unnaturally include:
      Bill Hunter
      Dorothy Kilgallen
      Jim Koethe
      Leonard Pullin *
      Lisa Howard *
      James Truitt *
      Karyn Kupcinet
      Lou Staples
      C.D. Jackson
      Donald Donaldson *
      Ira (Jack) Beers
      Merriman Smith

      There is nothing to discuss, based on your inane comment.
      The witnesses date and cause of death, related mortality rates and probabilities speak for themselves.

      I have no patience for those of your ilk.
      Don’t bother to reply.

    • T. Myrtle

      April 15, 2018 at 3:32 pm


      You’ve made no valid points. There’s no reason why a researcher *wouldn’t* find so many untimely deaths interesting.

      It would be ridiculous for any state body to systematically eliminate conspiracy researchers as this would establish their credibility in the eyes of many people. How many people immediately presumed (without evidence) that the Skripals – known to be enemies of the Russian government – were poisoned by the FSB?

      As for Domingo Benavides, you clearly aren’t very informed as to the circumstances (Ramparts, Nov. 1966):

      “Domingo reports that he has been repeatedly threatened by police, and advised not to talk about what he saw.”

      “Domingo’s father-in-law, J.W. Jackson, was so unimpressed with the police investigation of Eddy’s death that he launched a little inquiry of his own. Two weeks later Jackson was shot at in his home. The assailant secreted himself in the carport, fired once into the house, and when Jackson ran outside, fired one more time, just missing his head. As the gunman clambered into an automobile in a nearby driveway, Jackson saw a police car coming down the block. The officer made no attempt to follow the gunman’s speeding car; instead, he stopped at Jackson’s home and spent a long time inquiring what had happened. Later a police lieutenant advised Jackson, “You’d better lay off of this business. Don’t go around asking question; that’s our job.” Jackson and Domingo are both convinced that Eddy’s murder was a case of mistaken identity and that Domingo, the Tippit witness, was the intended victim.”

  3. Sean Armitage Jr.

    March 3, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    All right…let’s take a look at three names on Richard Charnin’s “mysterious” death list. If I had the time or the interest I could debunk every single name on his list but I value my time too much to debate with someone whether the sun is hot or not.

    1. Bill Hunter–This claim first appeared in Penn Jones, laughably poorly written book ‘Forgive My Grief.’ I say poorly-written because in his entire book there is not one single footnote or endnote giving the reader any idea where Jones got his alleged information. When I was in graduate school, if I wrote a paper and submitted it without any footnotes or references it would be thrown in the garbage can by my professor. There is NO evidence that Bill Hunter had ANY volatile information in regards to Kennedy’s assassination or the contents of Jack Ruby’s apartment (which had already been thoroughly searched hours before Hunter arrived there.) Richard Charnin doesn’t even know why Hunter’s death would be mysterious in any event. A death in relation to the Kennedy assassination is only mysterious if the person killed had access to sensitive information that could expose a conspiracy or if they were possibly PART of the conspiracy. There is no evidence at all that either point holds true for Bill Hunter. If Richard Charnin has any such information let him lay it on the table otherwise ignore this non-mysterious death.
    2. Dorothy Kilgallen was a New York Journal-American newspaper gossip columnist who, according to conspiracy cult lore, was on the brink of an earth-shattering interview with Jack Ruby when she allegedly died under mysterious circumstances. Nonsense. The ONLY source for the allegation that Kilgallen had sensitive information about Jack Ruby is Penn Jones–the Midland, Texas newspaper publisher who wrote about this claim in ‘Forgive My Grief,’ However there is no source for his allegation. Serious scholars (which Penn Jones nor Richard Charnin qualify as) are unable to double-check his allegation. Therefore since Jones wrote about it but offered NO SOURCE for his claim there is no need to debunk this any further. If there was ANY credence to this story someone over the past 49 years would have uncovered what information she allegedly had–but truth be told–she had none. Therefore her accidental overdose of barbiturates and alcohol is not mysterious any more than a skydiver dying from a fall is.
    3. Karyn Kupcinet. This one is a real puzzler. First of all Richard Charnin’s research is so sloppy that he includes Karyn in his list of reporters when Karyn was not a reporter at all but a Hollywood girlfriend of actor Andy Prine. Why Richard includes Karyn Kupcinet in his list of reporters is anyone’s guess. Secondly, her death was not even remotely related to the Kennedy assassination. She was murdered in her apartment in Hollywood and had never even been to Dallas, Texas. According to Penn Jones (again) he alleges that she made a mysterious phone call the night before the assassination, from Oxnard, California (fifty miles from her apartment in Hollywood) and babbled into the receiver that Kennedy was going to be killed. But WHY Jones assumes the phone call (which actually was made by someone) was made by Karyn Kupcinet is a mystery. Of course he offers no supporting evidence that it was SHE who made the call and therefore his allegation is only believable to lazy researchers like Richard Charnin, who apparently never care to double check allegations so long as they smack of conspiracy. I on the other hand require much more proof than a conspiracy cultist’s word for it.

    This allegation can be tossed out the window.

    • Richard Charnin

      March 3, 2014 at 10:42 pm

      If you are Lone Ntter, you will not like reading this.

      Sean, you nit-picked three out of 120. Your dismissal of Kilgallen and Hunter is pathetic. Go right ahead. Now investigate the other 117.

      Don’t forget the 63 who were called to testify at the WC, Garrison/Shaw trial, Church Committee and HSCA. Were they relevant? Show us why they were important enough to be called, but not important for you to discuss.

      You write well. That’s the only complement I can give you.
      You are all talk. You avoid a serious analysis.

      Your post should be thrown out the window for its lack of substance, but I will keep it as an example of how not to refute the analysis.

      Everyone reading this can see that you have refuted nothing. You have not looked at the full database of 120 witness, nor made mention of their cause of death, unnatural weighted mortality rates, time intervals, various witness categories, expected mortality, or the Poisson distribution.

      You have only shown us the paucity of your knowledge, You have not done any analysis. Your pathetic “refutation” just makes you look a typical Lone Nutter.

      Now, if you want to come back with a full, serious analysis based on the above factors, I would love to see it. But if you cannot do so, don’t bother posting.

      If you reply with anything less than a full analysis, it will be the last time you will ever post on my blog.

    • T. Myrtle

      April 15, 2018 at 5:26 pm


      I’m fairly sure Hunter & Kilgallen had more means / opportunity to acquire “sensitive information” concerning Jack Ruby than you or I.

      You don’t seem to like Penn Jones but while he may not aspire to your standards for “scholarship” he was an independent reporter who was in Dallas during the relevant period in history and had far more access / sources than you or any of his other detractors. This is a man whose offices were firebombed because of his investigations into the city’s extremist networks.

      Furthermore, the death of Hunter is “mysterious” even if he had no information whatsoever. The police officer who killed him gave inconsistent accounts of the “accidental” death while the newspapers in Long Beach, Florida openly charged a cover-up.

      It was *Kilgallen* – not Penn Jones – who told friends that she had information and that she was trying to break the case. She was also one of the only columnists who was publicly challenging the government version of the shootings and was under government surveillance.

      In any case, “mysterious” is a fair way to describe a case in which a healthy young woman is found dead in bed under “undetermined” circumstances. You might want to read the latest research on this case in “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much” by Mark Sinclaire, which presents compelling evidence that she was poisoned and a plausible suspect in her “out of town” boyfriend Ron Pataky, who disappeared following her death, was evasive when interviewed years later and failed a lie detector test concerning his possible involvement. Pataky reportedly graduated from one of the schools in Panama that later became the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas, utilized by CIA / DOD for the training of security forces in Central America.

      The death of Karyn Kupcinet is still considered an unsolved homicide and thus mysterious by definition. Did you know about the multiple unidentified fingerprints discovered at Kupcinet’s home? Or the ‘coincidental’ presence of Mafioso Paul Dorfman – an associate of Jack Ruby – in Palm Springs the same weekend Kupcinet was murdered there? Is it also sheer coincidence that her father Irv Kupcinet – also an associate (bizarrelly enough) of Jack Ruby in the fifties – called Dorfman during this same period to make inquiries about Ruby’s ties to organized crime networks?

      Even if Kupcinet *did not* make the infamous phone call, her still-unsolved murder had the effect of inflicting shock on the city of Chicago and (like the staged “kidnapping” of Frank Sinatra Junior) distracting public attention from the shootings in Dallas.

      You clearly haven’t done any research whatsoever on any of the individual deaths, content to use flawed logic in attacks on the entire subject of study.

  4. chrissyboy76

    March 5, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Reblogged this on chrissyboy76's Blog and commented:
    A sizeable number of witnesses saw and or heard shots from the grassy knoll. This had been glossed over ignored , explained away. Jfk’s wounds could only have occurred via triangulated crossfire. Therefore a shot from the front

  5. Lee Shepherd

    April 15, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    Great stuff Richard. Really appreciate your hard work.


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