To Believe the Zapruder Film was Not Altered, You Must Believe…

22 Jul

Richard Charnin
July 21, 2014

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To Believe the Zapruder Film was Not Altered, You Must Believe…

– The JFK limo did not come to a complete stop. Thirty-three (33) of 59 witnesses were mistaken.
– The Zapruder film was not shown until 1975 because it was too gruesome, not because it falsely depicted the actual event.

– Frame 313 is authentic. It is the only frame which shows the effects of the fatal head shot.
– In Frame 313 the pink explosion at the right front of JFK’s head indicates the shot came from behind.
– The Parkland hospital and autopsy witnesses who described a fist-size exit wound in the right rear of JFK’s head were all mistaken.

– SS agent Clint Hill did not cover the bodies of JFK and Jackie Kennedy.
– Hill was mistaken in describing a right-rear head exit wound
– DPD Harkins was mistaken in his claim of crossing the street between the limo and the follow-up car.

– ARRB Lead Investigator Doug Horne was mistaken in claiming that the film’s chain of custody was not sent directly to Life Magazine the day after the assassination but went to the CIA’s primary photo analysis facility in Washington DC, the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC).
– Horne is mistaken in stating that “the real exit wound behind President Kennedy’s right ear, in the back of his head has been blacked out on the film, a false exit wound has been painted onto the right front and the top of his head, to mimic the autopsy photos”.
– Horne is mistaken in claiming that “You do not see any exit debris leaving the back of President Kennedy’s head and traveling to the rear in the Zapruder film. So if the car stop has been removed which it may have and if the exit debris leaving the back of his head has been removed, I should say that they’re not present, so therefore I suspect they’ve been removed.”
– Horne is mistaken in claiming that the agent who delivered the film to NPIC on the second night to make a second set of briefing boards and said it came from Hawkeye Works, the CIA’s secret photo lab at Kodak headquarters in Rochester NY.

– Dino Brugioni, Duty Officer at NPIC, the photo expert who saw the original Z-film on Nov.22, was mistaken in claiming that a) the head shot did not look anything like the extant Z-film, b) the rear head wound resulted in a white cloud of brain matter which was visible in a number of frames, not just 313.

– Motion picture film professionals who said the dark patches in blacked out areas of the Z-film did not look like natural shadows were mistaken.
– All seven experts in the post production of motion pictures and special effects who viewed the high definition scans of each frame of the Z=film were mistaken in claiming that the head wounds were poorly altered.

Doug Horne and Dino Brugioni:

Jim Fetzer Interview of Doug Horne:

Doug Horne provides details of the true chain of custody, where, why and how the film was altered in this very comprehensive piece:

This mathematical proof that the Z-film was altered is based on Vince Palamara’s article (33 of 59 eyewitnesses saw a FULL JFK limo STOP):

John Costella on the Z-film hoax:
A detailed frame-by-frame analysis based on basic optical physics calculations:

Oliver Stone on Democracy Now: the Z-film was altered:

Philip Stahl (“Copernicus”): a mathematical analysis confirms that the Z-film was altered and the removal of frames does not invalidate the acoustic evidence.

This blogger changed his mind and is now convinced the Z-film was altered:


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3 responses to “To Believe the Zapruder Film was Not Altered, You Must Believe…

  1. T Harry Evans

    July 22, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    This is beautifully written Richard, and summarises all of the most important points that demonstrate the Z-film was altered. I have been trying to think of a way to nail the argument in a concise format, but there’s no need because you done that!

  2. hybridrogue1

    January 13, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    Rolland Zavata & Raymond Fielding v Jim Fetzer & Douglas Horne?

    Are you serious?

    Zavata and Fielding together represent the premier experts on cinematography, film, movie making machinery and special effects. Their combined knowledge and expertise in the field equaled by none. While Fetzer and Horne are utterly ignorant of film photography in general, and especially so as special effects are concerned. Their positions are ludicrous and preposterous. I think this Alterationist hypothesis is a charade, a Kafkaesque burlesque – theater of the absurd.

    I don’t think Douglas Horne is stupid enough to buy this bullshit he is selling. He like Fetzer are rank charlatans.

    • Peter

      April 6, 2020 at 11:28 pm

      Douglas Horne is a shining example of human integrity AS IS Dino Brugioni, who has written books on photo analysis. While Dr. Fetzer can be quite dramatic, his written work on the Zapruder film asks cogent questions which demand answers the “Lone Nut” community cannot or will not answer convincingly. The bottom legal line of truth is that a person cannot be convicted unless found to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and a moral certainty. The Zapruder film under strict scrutiny could not be called genuine for the myriad of contradictions, splices and conflicts with witnesses. One example is John Connally’s statement that he turned to his left to see president Kennedy after he heard the (first) shot. There is no place in the Z-film where Connally may be seen turning to his left. Other inconsistencies abound and no court of law could sustain the cross-examination by defense counsel over the hiccoughs. Lee Harvey Oswald could not have been found guilty for many reasons and the alteration and lack of a well documented chain of possession of the Zapruder film would make it inadmissible as evidence in a court of law, which would have to be in the State of Texas, since at the time of the shooting, it was not a federal offense to shoot the president of the United States. The case remains an open murder case and Lee Harvey Oswald has only been convicted by a Kangaroo Court, (the Warren Commission) whose most active participant, Allen Dulles, was fired from the CIA by President Kennedy for subterfuge around the Bay of Pigs and other operations.


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