Why Criminal Investigation(s) Must Look At Election Fraud

08 Jun

Richard Charnin
June 8, 2015

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This is an excellent article written by a Wisconsin blog which summarizes my analysis of the 2012 recall election and links to a number of related posts.

From the article:
“Remember how during Scott Walker’s historic 2012 recall election, all day the media across the Badger State proclaimed the race “too close to call” and told viewers/listeners to prepare for a long night?

Remember how candidate Tom Barrett conceded defeat while people in Milwaukee were still in line to vote? Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Does it make any sense that Scott Walker won a high-intensity/turnout election in June by about 9 percentage points and then within 5 months, Obama won a high-intensity/turnout election in November by about 9 points?

Friends – that is almost a 20 point swing at the top of a statewide race within a few months – sounds like fiction, doesn’t it?”

read more at the link….

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