JFK: Analysis of Suspicious Witness Deaths in Simkin’s JFK Index

12 Jun

JFK: Analysis of Suspicious Witness Deaths in Simkin’s JFK Index

Richard Charnin
Updated: Aug.9 2015

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This is a summary update of a previous post on John Simkin’s Index of 656 JFK-related individuals.

Simkin’s JFK Index:
The Index contains 656 key individuals in 4 categories, of whom 70 died suspiciously. These include: 10 of 190 Important Figures; 19 of 86 Important Witnesses; 5 of 206 Investigators, Researchers and Journalists; 36 of 174 Possible Conspirators.

The list is in JFK Calc for reference and probability calculations.

Of the 70 suspicious deaths in Simkin’s index, 44 were OFFICIALLY RULED UNNATURAL, including 22 homicides,11 accidents and 11 suicides. Only 8 unnatural deaths and ONE homicide would be expected in a random group of 656 from 1964-78 based on historical mortality rates.

The probability of 44 unnatural deaths among the 656 is less than
P= 1 in 100,000 trillion trillion trillion (4.4E-41).
The probability of 22 homicides is P= 1 in 100 billion trillion (6.4E-24).

If we triple the 0.000084 national homicide rate, P= 1 in 23 trillion (4.3E-14).

Consider the 44 accidents, suicides, heart attacks, sudden cancers and other causes. Statistical expectation based on average mortality rates indicates that approximately 26 of the 44 were actually homicides. Therefore there were approximately 48 homicides among the 70 suspicious deaths.

The probability of 48 homicides from 1964-78 among the 656 figures in the JFK Index is less than P = 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion (3.8E-66).

Seventy (70) individuals in the JFK Index are also included among 122 suspicious deaths in the JFK Calc spreadsheet. Of the 122 suspicious deaths in JFK Calc, approximately 67 were called to testify in four investigations. The fact that both lists contain so many names is proof that they are relevant. Naysayers can no longer make the ridiculous argument that they are not JFK-related.

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