Florida 2014 Governor: Cumulative Vote Share Analysis Update

20 Sep

Richard Charnin
Sept.20, 2015

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Cumulative Vote Share Spreadsheet Reference

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Florida 2014 Governor CVS Analysis Update

Scott won the recorded vote by 48.6-47.6% (60,000 votes). But the recorded vote was not the same as the True Vote. It never is. Crist won the True Vote. And it wasn’t even close.

I previously downloaded precinct vote data for 12 of Florida’s 67 counties but did not include third-party candidate Wyllie. I realized that I needed all 67 counties and Wyllie’s votes for a thorough analysis. This is it.

This spreadsheet table summarizes the CVS analysis.

Scott gained cumulative vote share from the 25% mark to the final in 22 of the largest 23 counties. Crist gained share in 12 of the smallest 24 counties. This is typical – and counter-intuitive. Democratic cumulative share drops in the largest (Democratic) counties, but is basically constant in small (GOP) counties. This anomaly also occurred in the 2014 WI, IL, MD governor elections, indicating that they were likely stolen also.

There is a strong 0.55 correlation between the Crist county vote shares and county vote totals. The bulk of the fraud occurred in Duval, Orange, Pinellas, Hillsborough counties.

This Exit Poll/True Vote analysis confirms the CVS.

Note: Scott vote gains are from the 25% cumulative vote share mark to the final.
67 counties 5.89 million votes
Scott gained 218,000 votes from the 25% CVS mark.
25%: Crist 50.1%- Scott 45.0%
Final: Crist 47.6%- Scott 48.6%

Top 12 counties
Scott gained 150,000 votes
25%: Crist 56.4%- Scott 39.7%
Final: Crist 52.6%- Scott 43.8%

55 Other counties
Scott gained 67,000 votes
25%: Crist 42.1%- Scott 53.5%
Final: Crist 39.4%- Scott 55.5%

Democratic counties (18)
Scott gained 161,000 votes
25%: Crist 58.3%- Scott 37.2%
Final: Crist 54.9%- Scott 41.9%

Top 12 Counties: Total votes; Scott percentage increase from 25% mark; corresponding vote flip

County......... Votes; %Incr; Vote flip
Dade............517,091 1.2% 6,388
Broward.........466,055 2.3% 10,748
Palm Beach......416,729 1.2% 5,130
Hillsborough....368,266 5.3% 19,566
Pinellas........348,005 5.2% 18,109
Orange..........303,890 8.1% 24,615
Duval...........266,993 10.4% 27,746
Brevard.........218,778 2.3% 5,064
Lee.............208,222 5.1% 10,629
Polk............189,616 4.4% 8,289
Volusia.........173,757 3.2% 5,480
Sarasota........160,008 0.2% 293

View the barchart: Top 10 Counties

Florida Exit Poll
-The Party_ID mix (31% Dem-35% Rep) closely matched the recorded vote.
– Using the 38D-35R% voter registration mix, Crist is a 51-45% winner, confirming the CVS.

Democrat........38.0% 91.0% 6.00% 3.0%
Republican......35.0% 10.0% 88.0% 2.0%
Other...........27.0% 48.0% 44.0% 8.0%
Total..........100.0% 51.0% 45.0% 4.0%
Votes...........5.890 3.006 2.648 .236

The CVS Summary Table compares competitive and non-competitive races.

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