Six 2014 Governor Elections: Cumulative Vote Shares Indicate Fraud

04 Dec

Six 2014 Governor Elections: Cumulative Vote Shares Indicate Fraud

Richard Charnin
Dec.4, 2015
Update: Dec.7

Look inside the books:
Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy
Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts
Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes and the National Exit Poll

View this summary spreadsheet analysis  of recent Governor elections in KY, MA, MD, IL, FL, WI . Using Cumulative Vote Shares, the focus is on the largest counties in which the change in vote share anomalies indicated fraud. The True Vote  is estimated  as the sum of the 10% cumulative precinct votes in TOP counties and the final votes in Other counties.

….. True 10% CVS….. Final Share
Group Dem Rep Other Dem Rep Other
TOP… 57.3 39.6  3.1…. 50.7 46.6 3.1
Other. 40.1 56.3 3.5 …. 40.1 56.3 3.5
Total…51.1 45.6 3.2 …. 46.9 50.1 3.0

In prior CVS analyses,  changes in cumulative vote shares in the six states were calculated from the 25%  mark to the final in ALL counties. The  average 40.7% Democratic  share  in the Other small, strongly Republican  counties declined to 37.8%.

We compare the cumulative vote shares of the TOP counties of each state at the 10% mark to the final result. The 10% mark is a reasonable estimate of the true vote as it encompasses a sufficiently large number of votes in the TOP counties such that the cumulative shares will have reached a “steady state”. We would expect little or no divergence in the trend lines from the 10% mark. But the sharp divergence favoring the GOP from the 10% mark to the final is counter-intuitive and violates the Law of Large Numbers (LLN).

10% Dem GOP Final Dem GOP
KY.. 48.2-47.7; 43.8-52.5
IL… 53.7-43.2;  46.4-50.3
FL… 50.2-46.0; 47.6-48.6
WI.. 50.5-48.2;  46.7-52.2
MD. 49.7-48.6;  47.2-51.0
MA.. 54.0-40.8; 47.4-49.3

Note the following Democratic share declines from the 10% mark in the largest counties:
KY – 15 of 15 counties (8.2% decline)
MA – 11 of 14 townships (7.7%)
MD – 10 of 10 (3.8%)
IL – 13 of 15 (9.5%)
FL – 9 of 10 (4.8%)
WI – 10 of 15 (5.8%)

The probability P that 68 of 79 Top counties would move from the Democrat to the GOP is equivalent to the probability of flipping a coin 79 times and getting 68 heads. 
 P= 6.9E-13 or 1 in 1.4 trillion

This spreadsheet contains a complete index of links to  CVS blog posts and spreadsheets as well as related CVS/True Vote analysis for all elections.




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