Trump had the Big MO: He won voters who decided after Sep1 by at least 48-40%

24 Feb

Richard Charnin
Feb. 24, 2019


National Exit Poll- When Decided 

The NEP is ALWAYS adjusted to match the recorded vote.

The 2016 NEP indicates that of the 26% of voters who decided after Oct.1, 48% voted for Trump and 40% for Clinton. Of the 74% who decided before Oct.1, Clinton led 51-45%.

Of the 40% of voters who decided after Sept.1, Trump won by 48.0-42.0%. Clinton won voters who decided before Sept.1 by 52.5-45.0%.

Were Clinton’s  poll shares rigged to match the recorded vote? Clinton won the national recorded vote by 2.8 million. She won IL, CA and NY by a combined 7 million votes. Therefore Trump won the recorded vote by at least 4 million everywhere else.

But Trump’s True Vote margin had to be higher than 4 million. As many as 3 million of Clinton’s 7 million margin in IL, CA and NY may have been fraudulent- matching her national 2.8 million margin. Were Clinton’s votes inflated (rigged) in these and other states?

Since the NEP was forced to match Clinton’s 48.3-46.2% recorded vote, it appears that her vote shares were inflated.

The third-party Recorded vote is another clue that Clinton’s vote was rigged.
According to the National Exit Poll, 4% of voters who decided before Oct.1 voted for a third party candidate; 12% voted third party after Oct.1. Jill Stein had just 1% of the total recorded vote. Could it be that Jill really had at least 3% of which 2% or more were shifted to Clinton?

Click for state deciders href=”″

Decided…. Pct Clinton Trump Other
Post Oct. 1 26% 40.0% 48.0% 12.0%
Pre Oct. 1.. 74% 51.0% 45.0% 4.0%
Total……… 100% 48.3% 46.2% 5.5%

Decided….. Pct Clinton Trump Other
Post Sept. 1 40% 42.0% 48.0% 10.0%
Pre Sept 1.. 60% 52.5% 45.0% 2.5%
Total……… 100% 48.3% 46.2% 5.5%

State exit poll………….. IL…….. CA……. NY
Total Recorded %…… 56-39-5.. 62-32-4. 60-37-3
Before Oct.1……….….66-32-2.. 67-29-4. 67-31-2 < Rigged?
After Oct.1…………… 33-55-12. 51-42-7. 38-53-9 < shift to Trump & 3rd party
Votes (mil)…………….. 5.5……. 14.2……. 7.5
Margin (mil)…………… 0.95……. 4.3…….. 1.7 Total 6.95 million


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3 responses to “Trump had the Big MO: He won voters who decided after Sep1 by at least 48-40%

  1. spearman3004

    February 24, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    How do you explain the comments by Jared Kushner in the Fortune Mag interview 2 years ago where he described how Silicon Valley libertarians, like Paypal inventor Peter Theil, helped the Trump campaign rig the election by using analytics to target pro Hillary Black women in Michigan. The goal was to use smear tactics against Hilary, e.g., “pizzagate”, to persuade those women to not vote at all.

    • Richard Charnin

      February 25, 2019 at 12:26 am

      • spearman3004

        February 25, 2019 at 7:59 am

        If the below #s are what you’re calling the problem in Michigan it is hardly significant compared to what was done according to Jared Kushner’s voting scam admission. BTW, the JFK photo is from Sept 25, 1963 when there was an aborted but still dry run attempt on JFK’s life. I was there as a 16 year old. See my story (Gary Severson) in Judith Baker’s last book “Kennedy & Oswald, The Big Picture” p.375-76.

        Detroit’s mismatched votes

        Here is a breakdown of the irregularities in Detroit’s 662 precincts:

        ■236 precincts in balance — equal numbers of voters counted by workers and machines

        ■248 precincts with too many votes and no explanation (77 were 1 over; 62 were 2 over, 37 were 3 over, 20 were 4 over, 52 were 5 or more over).

        ■144 precincts with too few votes and no explanation (81 were 1 under, 29 were 2 under; 19 were 3 under; 7 were 4 under; 8 were 5 or more under)

        ■34 precincts out of balance but with an explanation


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