My first job was Mathematician/ Numerical Control Engineer for Grumman Aerospace Corp

17 Jun

Richard Charnin
June 17, 2019


I can’t believe it’s been 50 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon. In 1965, my first job was as a Mathematician/ Numerical Control Engineer for Grumman Aerospace Corp (GAC) which built the Lunar Module. GAC was just five minutes from my home.

In programming automated machine tools to build naval and commercial aircraft parts, I often visited the manufacturing plant to see my work in progress. It was a very exciting time working with a great group of enginners.

The NC programs were written for an IBM 7094 mainframe computer running APT(Automatic Programmed Tools) a large Fortran-based system. The 7094 took up 3000 sq feet of floor space in the engineering building. It had just 512K of RAM- less than a tablet today.

It’s amazing that primitive 1969 computer technology could achieve the moon landing. The following article by Scott Davis addresses and debunks some of the common arguments behind the Moon landing conspiracy theories.

It contains explanations of…
– Van Allen Belt Radiation
– Flag flapping on the moon
– No stars?
– Strange shadows
– Moon rock prop

Other evidence:
– Apollo 15 site past and present
– Footprints
– Moon rocks

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