9/11 Facts: A summary review

07 Sep

Richard Charnin
Sept. 7, 2019


A  New University Study Finds Fire Did Not Bring Down World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11. This is nothing new.

NYC Fire Commissioners: Overwhelming evidence of explosives in ALL 3 WTC Towers calls for new investigation…/

The Official Story of the Collapse of WTC Building 7

Commissioners from the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District, located near Queens, New York, unanimously passed a historic resolution on July 24 that calls for a new investigation into all aspects of 9/11 and which cites “overwhelming evidence” that explosives were planted in all THREE (3) towers prior to 9/11. The resolution states that the district’s Board of Fire Commissioners “fully supports a comprehensive federal grand jury investigation and prosecution of every crime related to the attacks of September 11…”

“It was a mass murder,” Commissioner Christopher Gioia said in an interview. “Three thousand people were murdered in cold blood.” Gioia, who wrote and introduced the resolution, says the toll on his department from the events of that day has been devastating. Members Thomas J. Hetzel and Robert Evans died at Ground Zero on 9/11. Others, including commissioners Philip Malloy and Joseph Torregrossa, have become ill from exposure to the toxic air during rescue and recovery operations.

View this video narrated by Ed Asner

 The mainstream media and their cadre of online gatekeepers and trolls use the term “Conspiracy Theorist” (CT) as a derogatory label for those who seek the truth. According to these gatekeepers, there is no proof of conspiracies. But they  avoid factual analysis based on the scientific evidence 

Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg and others claim that they have been ordered not to write about 9/11. This has not been reported by the corporate media. 

According to the official story, nineteen Muslims armed with box cutters who could not fly a Cessna, hijacked four airliners and outfoxed the entire U.S. defense establishment  while Bin Laden was on dialysis, near death and hiding in caves.

To believe the official conspiracy theory (OCT) requires a belief in miracles. It requires cognitive dissonance of obvious explosive (WTC1 and WTC2) and symmetric (WTC7) destruction.

View research from:
Architects and Engineers – ae911 truth


-NIST claimed office fires caused 3 steel-framed buildings to collapse at near free-fall.  
– NIST did not consider explosives as a possible cause of the collapses.
– Not one steel-framed office building has ever collapsed due to fires.
– Jet fuel burns at 1000 degrees; 2700 degrees is required to melt steel.
– Free-fall can only occur by instantaneous removal of all supporting columns 

-The BBC reported that WTC 7 collapsed at 5pm, 20 minutes before happened. .
– Larry Silverstein, the owner of Building 7, said   “pull it” – meaning bring it down.
– The NIST failed to acknowledge Building 7 free-fall until David Chandler proved it.
– The NIST claimed that the  collapse of WTC 7 was due to structural failure of one beam.
– The 9/11 Commission failed to mention WTC 7 in the hearings or note it their Report
– NIST admitted freefall but claimed it was due to office fires – a physical impossibility.

– William Rodriguez, a WTC janitor,  heard a loud explosion seven seconds before the plane hit, but his testimony was ignored by the 9/11 commission.
– There were traces of thermite in the lungs of first responders.
– At least 118 firefighters heard explosions.
– In WTC1 & 2, furniture was ejected laterally 600 feet- impossible in an office fire.
– Firefighters  knew  WTC 7 would collapse before it did.

– Are we to believe that the passport of a hijacker was found in the rubble of the WTC?
– There was no manifest record of hijackers boarding the planes.
– Put options on airline stocks rose dramatically a few days before 9/11.

– CNN reporter Barbara Olson was a passenger on AA Flight 11 (which allegedly crashed into the Pentagon). It is claimed that she called husband Solicitor General Ted Olson from her cell phone and told him hijackers were armed with knives and box cutters. It was later disclosed that cell phones could not work at 30,000 feet. Olson then said that she called from a seatback phone. But according to an American Airlines spokesman, there were no seatback phones on Boeing 757 airliners. 
– At the 2006 Moussaoui trial, the FBI reported there was one attempted call that lasted zero seconds (“unconnected”)from Barbara Olson to Ted Olson.

– Osama Bin Laden was not on the FBI most wanted list for 9/11.
– 9/11 Commission heads Kean and Hamilton disavowed their own report.
– There were multiple air defense exercises conducted on 9/11.
– Officials who ignored standard response procedures were promoted.
– None of the four flight recorders were retrieved.
– There is no video, airline debris or human remains at the Pentagon crash site.
– There is no video, airline debris or human remains at the Pennsylvania crash site.
– The media did not investigate the above facts.

April Gallop was working at the Pentagon right next to the explosion and never saw a plane.

CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon: “No sign of a 757 crash”

The BBC reported that WTC7 collapsed 26 minutes before it did!

This is from a retired general in charge of intelligence:

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