The NY Times no Longer Corrects its Whoppers

30 Apr

Richard Charnin
April 30, 2020



The NY Times no Longer Corrects its Whoppers

A powerful article from realclearinvestigations:
“Similarly, in the face of the Mueller Report’s finding last year of no Trump-Russia collusion, the Times is not giving back the 2018 Pulitzer Prize it won with the Washington Post for coverage that uncritically pushed the conspiracy theories of anti-Trump intelligence sources. (Nor is the Post.) As it withholds from its readers any detailed explanation of its relationship with a vital source of its misleading coverage – Fusion GPS, producer of the discredited Steele dossier at the heart of the affair – the Times continues to publish the spin of intelligence sources trying to discredit or at least blunt continuing federal inquiries into what happened.

New York Times/Wikimedia
The Trump-Russia coverage, even with caveats pinning assertions to sources rather than solid evidence, clearly created a false impression that Donald Trump and his team were in cahoots with the Russians. It’s hard to believe that former Times Executive Editor Max Frankel would have written an op-ed for the paper declaring that an “obvious bargain [was] reached during the campaign of 2016” between the Trump campaign and Russia if he hadn’t read those unmistakable insinuations in the Times. The Trump campaign is suing the Times for libel over Frankel’s claims. (Full disclosure: I was hired as an editor at the Times in 1988 under Frankel.)
A fuller accounting by the Times is especially necessary because the media’s pushing of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories was central to an unprecedented and possibly criminal effort to subvert or remove a president under false pretenses. Unless the Times and other sources come clean about who was feeding them misleading and partisan information, we may never understand this momentous chapter of history”.
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One response to “The NY Times no Longer Corrects its Whoppers

  1. Richard Charnin

    May 2, 2020 at 4:33 am

    Seems to me you did not read the article. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the conclusions of the Mueller (no collusion) Report and then follow that up on the now proven FBI setup of Michael Flynn. Where was the Russian interference? Spell it out. How about Clinton funding the dossier? You are in a state of total denial. Justice is coming. Low Trump poll numbers? MSM bogus polls over-weight the Dems and under-weight Rep approval for Trump.


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