The 6/22 Rasmussen approval poll is good news for Trump

23 Jun

Rasmussen Poll: President Trump Approval Rating at 46%, Higher Than Obama at Same Point

Richard Charnin
June 22,2020


Despite the media’s criticism over President Trump’s handling of COVID-19, riots, and speculation about low turnout at the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally, his 46% approval rating is higher than Obama’s 44% at the same point in his term.

Trump has just 77% Repub approval, but a whopping 39% Black and 48% Other Non-white approval. In the 2016 election recorded vote he had 89% of Repubs and just 8% of blacks (He actually did better in the True Vote).

Comparing his approval numbers to the 2016 election, he will win easily if he matches his 57% white vote in 2016 and gets 45% of non-whites.

Trump approval (2016 recorded)
Indep 40% (46%)
Dem 24% (9%)
Repub 77% (89%)
Total 46% (46%)

White 47% (57%)
Black 39% (8%)
Other 48% (26%)
Total 46% (46%)

Party-ID Trump Biden
Rep 28% 93% 7%
Dem 31% 12% 88%
Ind 41% 46% 42%
Total 48.6% 46.5%

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