Exposing Media Cov-19 scare tactics

28 Jun
Richard Charnin
June 27, 2020
Exposing Media Cov-19 scare tactics
Cases are increasing in CA,TX,FL,AZ, but the national mortality rate is going down. How come? From Mark Crispin Miller “Our hospitals are NOT overrun with COVID patients. Our hospitals are busy, yes. They are busy because elective surgeries have been reopened and, in addition, people are seeking treatments for things they have delayed due to self-quarantining for months-on-end”.
The cumulative daily mortality rate from April 28 to June 27 (deaths/cases) has dropped steadily from 9.8% to 4.4%. At this rate, there will be near ZERO deaths on Labor Day.
What will the Democrats do when there is no need for masks and businesses open, unemployment drops and the stock market rallies? Will they still push vote by mail on Nov.3?
US pop… 328,000,000………….. 1 in
Total deaths 128,108 (0.04%)…. 2560
Total cases 2,590,277 (0.79%)….. 127
Total tests 32,000,000 (9.76%)….. 10.3
On June 27:
Florida 9,585 cases, 26 Deaths: 0.27%
New York: 819 cases; 31 deaths: 3.79%
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