Main stream Media poll bias against Trump

23 Jul

Richard Charnin
July 23, 2020


According to John McLaughlin, a pollster hired by Trump last month, the mainstream-media polls are deliberately skewed against Trump by up to nine points.

This what I have been saying for months about the polling scam: Trump should have hired me.

McLaughlin: “The latest skewed media polls must be intentional. It’s clear that NBC, ABC and CNN … are consistently under-polling Republicans and therefore reporting biased polls.

They continue to poll adults or registered voters that skew away from likely voters. So instead of the 33% Republican turnout which actually happened in 2016, they are reporting polls on only 26%, 25% or even 24% Republicans….

The bias seems to be an intentional strategy to suppress your vote.… Their refusal to screen for actual likely voters is creating an under-polling of Republicans and therefore Trump voters. It seems intentional.

A week later, McLaughlin was interviewed on The Cats Roundtable radio show, hosted by John Catsimatidis. He said that “the mainstream media is so anti-Trump that … they’re doing polls that they know will be skewed … that will water down the Republican vote, [that] will water down the Trump vote.”

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