Dr. Epstein’s Election Monitoring System MUST Be Deployed Immediately to Prevent Big Tech from Rigging the 2020 Election

03 Aug

Richard Charnin

August 3, 2020


Dr. Robert Epstein exposes Google’s role in America’s elections. His analysis indicates that from 2.6 to 10.4 million votes were shifted to Clinton in the 2016 election by using search engine manipulation and other techniques. Given that Clinton won the recorded vote by 2.8 million(65.8-63.0), a switch of 6 million votes has Trump winning in a 9.2 million vote landslide: 69-59.8 million.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Dr. Epstein’s Election Monitoring System MUST Be Deployed Immediately to Prevent Big Tech from Rigging the 2020 Election

“Research Psychologist and whistleblower Dr. Robert Epstein made headlines in March 2018 on Tucker Carlson Tonight when he revealed how big tech companies like Google and Facebook can flip elections to Democrats without leaving a paper trail.

Dr. Epstein told Tucker Carlson, “Our studies show that Google can take a 50-50 split among undecided voters and change it into a 90-10 split with no one knowing they had been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail… It has to do with those search suggestions. Literally from the very first character that you type into the search bar you are being manipulated. “

“Dr. Robert Epstein’s election monitoring system can track a dozen different ways in which Big Tech is rigging the 2020 election – how Google and other companies are invisibly manipulating millions of American citizens to vote for one political party – and we know which one that is. He can expose the manipulations weeks before the election and has strategies to stop it. So why is no one funding this? The project will deploy anonymous Field Agents in various states. Their internet use will be monitored by special hardware and software. It’s an infrastructure similar to the Nielsen TV ratings system. Epstein set up similar systems in 2016 and 2018 which found extreme political bias in one direction only.

With the recent addition of Artificial Intelligence, he can now capture and analyze online manipulations in real time, reporting his findings frequently to journalists, the FEC, the DOJ, Congress, and state AG’s. Exposing and stopping this bias and censorship in August, September, and October will give us a free-and-fair election in November. It will be another “Promise Kept” by Trump. Without a monitoring system we will be turning our precious democracy over to tech companies”.

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