2020 Election Fraud- Switched and deleted votes

14 Nov

2020 Election Fraud- Switched and deleted votes

Richard Charnin – Nov. 14, 2020


The following spreadsheet shows state votes that have been switched from Trump to Biden and  deleted/lost. The data  has been verified.

State vote counts are  from Nov.10. The battleground states were updated on Nov.14. The data only includes vote switching in states which use Dominion systems.

The current unadjusted count indicates that Biden leads by 78.1-72.7 million votes (50.9-47.4%) and the Electoral vote 290-232. When switched  and deleted/lost votes are factored in, Trump leads by 281-257 EV. 

Trump is leading in Georgia by 59,000 votes, a landslide in Pennsylvania and (surprisingly) in Virginia. He is trailing by 1000 votes in AZ and is within 1.5% in MI, 1% in MN and 0.4% in WI.

Third party votes caused a 1% net loss to Trump – assuming he would have won the 1.5% Libertarian vote and lost the 0.5% Green vote. Adding 1% to Trump’s vote in each state, he wins  AZ and WI and leads the Electoral vote by 302-236. is an excellent site which discusses fraud in depth.

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