Covid-19 Quiz

27 Jul

Richard Charnin – July27, 2021


1How many PCR cycles required for Covid case confirmation?
a) 20, b) 30, c) 40
2How may seniors died after transfer to NYC Nursing homes?
a) 5,000, b)10,000, c)15,000
3What is the approximate comorbidity rate according to the CDC?
a) 88%, b) 93%, c) 95%
4What is the minimum percent of reported vaccine deaths according to VAERS database?
a) 1%, b) 3%, c) 5%
5Covid Vaccine deaths exceed the total number of deaths from all vaccines in the past
a) year, b)10 years, c) 20 years
6Current reported VAERS deaths?
a) 5,000, b)12,000, c)15,000
7Current estimated VAERS deaths?
a) 30,000, b) 45,000, c) 55,000
8How many times did Fauci flip on masks?
a) 2, b) 3, c) 4
9What is the estimated Covid mortality rate?
a) 1.0%, b) 0.5%, c) 0.3%
10What is the estimated Covid mortality rate for <18 year old?
a) 0.3%, b) 0.1%, c) 0.001%
11Sweden Covid death rate?
a) .001%, b) 0.0001%, c) zero
12How many flu deaths reported in 2020-21?
a) 50,000, b) 25,000, c) virtually ZERO
13Why has HCQ not been promoted by the FDA/MSM?
a) dangerous drug, b) no historical track record, c) no income for Big Pharma
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One response to “Covid-19 Quiz

  1. bj

    July 29, 2021 at 10:03 pm

    My answers: 1.c 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.c 6.c 7.c 8.c 9.c 10.c 11.a 12. c 13.c


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