Cyber Symposium: Votes Flipped in all 50 states

12 Aug

Richard Charnin Aug. 12, 2021


Interesting data results from the Cyber Symposium

1-Recorded and PCAP total votes EXACTLY match proving machine vote flips

2-Recorded (155.485 million) ; PCAP (155.484m)

3- 8.1% (6.5m) Trump PCAP cyber votes were FLIPPED to Biden: 80.7m to 74.2m

4-PCAP totals DO NOT include an estimated 8m EXCESS (illegal) ballots for Biden

5-Machine votes were flipped to Biden in each of the 50 states

Votes (millions) TRUMP BIDEN

Recorded (rigged): 74.2-81.3 ; 46.9-51.3% ; 232EV

PCAP(includes illegal Biden ballots}: 80.7-74.7 ; 51.9-48.1% (2-pty) ; 325EV

PCAP (deduct estimated 8m illegal Biden ballots): 80.7-67.3 ; 54.6-45.4% (2-pty) ; 347EV

Model1 (Party-ID): 79.1-66.1 ; 53.8-45.0% ; 389EV

View the results:

Where did the data come from?

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