2020 Unadjusted state exit polls vs. recorded votes vs. Cyber Symposium PCAPS vote share

14 Nov

Richard Charnin Nov. 14, 2021


Unadjusted exit polls have always been adjusted in published final polls to match the recorded vote. The exit pollsters at Edison Research claimed they do this because their polls were wrong; they assume the vote counts were accurate. But the pollsters never considered or noted that election fraud was a major factor in the discrepancies. And the corrupt media and politicians maintain the myth that election fraud is a non-existent conspiracy theory.

But mathematical analysts are not fooled. The unadjusted 2000 and 2004 exit polls were fairly accurate and close to the True Vote. Gore and Kerry won easily. The polls proved to be excellent indicators of election fraud. But starting in 2016, the polls have been rigged to match the bogus popular vote.

Let’s compare the Cyber Symposium PCAP votes to the unadjusted exit polls and recorded votes. In the 24 states polled in 2020, Trump’s weighted average PCAPS vote share was 50.3%. He had a 44.9% unadjusted exit poll share and a 46.2% reported share. Trump’s Cyber shares were higher than the exit poll and reported shares in every state.

Bottom line: Don’t trust unadjusted exit polls. They are no different from biased pre-election polls which are just propaganda to set false expectations and influence the public.

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