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2016: Vote Rigging from the Democratic primary to the election

Richard Charnin
July 11, 2018

The Popular Vote Myth

The myth that Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million is parroted daily by pundits, even Trump supporters. It’s 2018 and the pundits still fail to recognize the historical fact that the recorded vote is never the same as the True Vote. Clinton won the fraudulent recorded vote, but Trump won the True Vote. It’s past time for a great awakening.
Trump won the estimated True Vote by 50.5-43.4%, a 9.7 million vote margin.

We estimate the True Vote based on the following simple models. Given Model 1 adjustments to the recorded vote, we calculate an estimated True Vote. In models 2,3,4,5 we calculate the vote shares required to match the True Vote.

1 Adjustments to the recorded vote: illegals , disenfranchised, voting machine flips
2 Race: Census breakdown and shares of white and non-white voters
3 Returning 2012 voters and 2016 vote shares
4 Party-ID: Gallup voter survey and vote shares
5 Decided: Vote shares before and after Sept. 1

The Rigged Democratic primary 
It is established fact: HRC stole the primary from Bernie Sanders.

Her approval ratings were 10% lower than Sanders.  Trump won the GOP primary easily. Hillary knew she would lose to Trump in a fair election, so she had to rig the general. She tried to steal the election -but Trump had too big a lead.

Who owns the Voting Machines?
“Concerns are being raised over ties between George Soros, a billionaire and political activist with deep ties to Hillary Clinton, and an electronic voting company with machines in 16 states. The chairman of the London-based company, Smartmatic International, is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who also works under Soros.

Malloch-Brown is on the board of the Open Society Foundations, run by Soros. His brief biography on the Smartmatic website says he was also formerly the vice chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and of Soros’s Open Society Foundations.”




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2016 Election: Introduction to my upcoming book

Richard Charnin
Nov. 13, 2017

77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud
Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts
Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes and the National Poll


The mainstream media pundits claim that Clinton won the primary and presidential election by three million votes. It’s a myth. The pundits fail to consider the FACT that the recorded vote is ALWAYS fraudulent. A True Vote Model analysis indicates Trump won the popular as well as the electoral vote.

The pundits always assume that the recorded vote is accurate but never consider the fraud factor. The historical statistical evidence is conclusive: every election is fraudulent. The recorded vote is NEVER equal to the true vote.

The establishment-dominated media was in the tank for Hillary Clinton in the primary and general elections.

The claim that Clinton won the popular vote is quoted ad nauseam in the media, academia and by corrupt politicians. They persist in promoting the fully discredited meme of Russian “hackers” stealing the election from Clinton. But there is not one iota of proof that the Russians had anything to do with it. Included in the appendix are two memos from the Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity (VIPS) to Obama and Trump which prove that the Russians did not hack the vote. Election Fraud is always an inside job.

Sanders and Trump drew much larger crowds than Clinton. They won the unscientific online polls by large margins. Trump’s Republican base was solid. Clinton’s Democratic base was fractured by defecting Sanders voters.

Millions of Sanders primary voters stayed home or voted for Jill Stein or Donald Trump. Trump won Independents by a solid majority (at least 8% higher than Clinton). There was a surge of late deciders to Trump after Labor Day.

Former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile delivered a bombshell in her book “Hacked”. She claimed that the Hillary Clinton campaign seized control of the Democratic Party as far back as August 2015. Well, this was not a bombshell to researchers who have presented massive evidence that the primary was rigged from Day One.

In ‘77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud’, I provided mathematical evidence that the primary was rigged for Clinton. The exit poll discrepancies were in one direction only; they showed that Sanders did consistently better in the polls than the recorded vote. It was solid proof that the primaries were rigged.

But just because the unadjusted exit polls were quite accurate in prior elections and the 2016 primary does not mean they reflected the true vote in the presidential election.

Six major media corporations (the National Election Pool) fund exit pollster Edison Research. The pollsters had to show that Clinton won the pre-election and unadjusted polls to lend credence to her 2.8 million recorded popular vote margin.

In 2008, 2012 and 2016 my pre-election models exactly forecast the recorded electoral votes. Trump was projected to win 306 recorded electoral votes based on adjustments made to nine final pre-election polls. It also forecast that he would have had 350 electoral votes in a fraud-free election.

Democratic Party-ID was over-weighted in the pre-election and exit polls at the expense of Independents. A post-election exit poll analysis based on the Gallup voter affiliation survey conducted the week prior to the election confirmed the forecast. But Trump did much better than the unadjusted exit polls indicated. The Gallup survey showed that Independents comprised 41% of the electorate on Election Day, with 31% Democrats and 28% Republicans.


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From Nina Illingworth: “Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America”

Richard Charnin
Aug. 10, 2016

Richard Charnin

This post links to Nina Illingworth’s  terrific series on Election Fraud.  Although Nina did not  contact me, she researched my analysis extensively and accurately explained the essential focus along with providing much additional information. I cannot recommend this fantastic series more highly.


Wicked Game: the Clandestine Murder of Democracy in America

 “History is a set of lies agreed on” – Bernard Le Bouyer de Fontenelle

If we’re being completely honest with each other, I’m not really sure when the true, horrifying nature of what I’d discovered really started to sink into my conscious mind – frankly, there’s a part of me that’s still deeply in shock about all of this and I don’t mind sharing that fact with you folks right from the outset. It’s not every day that you find yourself assembling overwhelming evidence that the Democratic Party Presidential nomination process is almost certainly fixed in favor of the establishment candidate, after all.

Rarer still I imagine, are days in which you accidentally stumble across the work of a qualified mathematician that seems to objectively prove every single fucking Presidential Election in America since at least 1988 is a goddamn sham – while simultaneously calling into question thousands of elections across all levels of government over that same time period. Worse yet, this realization in and of itself casts shadows of doubt over the last twenty-five years of history in the Western World; can any decision influenced in any way by the US government over that time truly be said to be “the will of the people” if you know without a doubt that there’s no such thing as a fair election anymore?

PART 1 – The 2016 Democratic Primary

This portion of our series focuses on exit polls, Richard Charnin and the overwhelming evidence currently available all over the internet that the 2016 Democratic Primary has been fixed for Hillary Clinton and against democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. Please be reminded that while it is not necessary to follow the links in this article to understand what I’ve written, your comprehension of the piece will be greatly improved by doing so – particularly when discussing Charnin’s data.

PART 2- Hoosier Mommy
This installment of Wicked Game returns to the Democratic Primary, looks at the historical evidence of widespread election fraud in American politics since at least 1988 and cleans up some debunking attempts I forgot to discuss last time. Please be reminded that while it is not necessary to follow the links in this article to understand what I’ve written, your comprehension of the piece will be greatly improved by doing so – particularly when discussing  data analyzed by Richard Charnin.

PART 3: Desert Scam
This installment of Wicked Game finds us wandering the barren, desert wasteland of Nevada to further examine the absolutely goddamn shameful behavior of Barbara Lange, Barbara Boxer and the entire state Democratic Convention Committee – everything is 1968 again as we hurtle towards a DNC in Philly that, with each passing day is starting to look more and more like a struggle for the very survival of democracy in our time. As always, please be reminded that while it is not necessary to follow the links in this article to understand what I’ve written, your comprehension of the work will be greatly improved by doing so.


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