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JFK Lone Nutters and Trolls: A compendium of lies, stupidity and ignorance

JFK Lone Nutters and Trolls: A compendium of lies, stupidity and ignorance

Richard Charnin
Jan.27, 2015
Updated:Sept.29, 2015

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Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy

It’s very easy to spot a JFK disinformationist/troll. They use variations of the same Lone Nutter playbook to deceive readers and divert discussions. They ignore facts, avoid the scientific method and apply logical fallacies. I have blocked Facebook trolls who are not included in the following list.

Andrea Skolnik
On the JFK Ventor Group, Andrea claimed that I pull statistics out of my behind. So now Andrea has formally joined the class of Lone Nutters who criticize my work with ad-hominems. I hereby challenge her to refute the data, content, calculations and logic in any of these JFK blog posts. Andrea’s only expertise is in attacking truth seekers.

John McAdams
Falsified the testimony of Dealey Plaza witnesses on the source of the shots.
McAdams was also wrong in attempting to debunk the relevance of witness deaths provided by JFK researchers Penn Jones, Sylvia Meagher, Jim Marrs, Richard Belzer, David Wayne, Craig Roberts, etc.

Dale Myers
Composed three MYTHS which he claims are scientific proofs:
1- With Malice a fraudulent attempt to prove that Oswald killed Tippit.
2- A bogus animation to prove the impossible Magic Bullet Theory.
3- Disputes HSCA acoustic experts who proved a Grassy Knoll shooter.

Myers is easily proven to be a fraud on all three counts:

1- According to FBI agents Sibert and O’Neill who attended the autopsy, the magic bullet entered JFK’s back 5.5” below the collar and did not exit!
2- Oswald could not have shot Tippit at 1:16pm as the Warren Commission claimed.  Tippit was declared dead in the hospital at 1:16pm! All witnesses heard shots no later than 1:06pm. Oswald was seen outside his apartment at 1:04pm, 0.9 miles from the shooting.
3- Gunshots were recorded on a dictabelt at the assassination. There was a ZERO probability that six shots would synchronize with the Zapruder film:

Steve Roe
This notorious Lone Nutter gave my book a one-star review. He wrote:
“Wait for the bargain bin if you really want to read this book, March 31, Refuse to read this book, knowing the author’s serious lack of research and knowledge of the JFK assassination. Here is his fan base that inflate his reviews”.
Some review; some character.

Ed Cage
This Lone Nutter is relentless. He asks the same idiotic questions over and over even though they have been answered. But he ignores the commenting on the evidence. For example, the magic bullet: Cage refuses to consider that FBI agents Sibert and O’Neill attended the autopsy and claimed that the so-called “magic bullet” NEVER EXITED. Cage writes regarding the Dale Myers cartoon: “I have been to DP 18 to 20x with stepladder, measuring tool, camera and a wooden rifle with a scope. If you watched the first 4 min of the video I posted narrated by Peter Jennings it should make sense. If you are still doubtful let me ask you … Where do you think the ce399 exit from JFK’s throat went?”
FBI O’Neill:
FBI Sibert:

Zachary Jendro
Claims that the black man sitting in front of Doorman in the Altgens6 photo raised his arm showing the same pattern shirt as Doorman. What are the odds? Jendro will go to any (arms) length to try and debunk Judyth Baker’s pixelation analysis of Doorman’s shirt which proved he was Oswald.  Jendro cannot refute the Warren Commission testimony of both Lovelady and Frazier that Lovelady was standing on the steps. Frazier testified that he was on the top level (first floor entrance) standing next to Sarah Stanton. It is only logical to conclude that Lovelady must be the (cutout) figure standing in front of Stanton.Therefore, Oswald must be Doorman standing on the top level entrance to the TSBD.

Judyth Baker’s pixel analysis of Doorman’s shirt proves it cannot be Lovelady:

Mike Davinroy
This charlatan posted on Facebook about a year ago where he failed to debunk my witness death analysis. Now he is on Amazon posting a “review” of my book which again reveals his ignorance. He calls my book “Lipstick on a Pig”. He wrote: “As much as I admire serious assassination researchers and personally believe it’s theoretically conceivable that there was some type of limited assassination conspiracy (although I know of no defensible evidence pointing to such) – this type of nonsense only hurts the cause of honest conspiracy research.”

A rational reader replied: “You’re saying you admire serious researchers and “honest conspiracy research,” yet know of no evidence to support a conspiracy. So who are these “serious” researchers you admire? Bugliosi? McAdams? Posner?” 

John Iacoletti
Claims that heart attacks and cancers cannot be induced. He does not comprehend that I was conservative in tripling the national homicide rate from 0.000084 to 0.000253 to calculate the probability of 34 official JFK-related homicides among 1400 witnesses from 1964-78. The conservative probability is 1 in 13,000 trillion.

Note: the 34 official homicides were grossly understated since the official number of ruled accidents, suicides and heart attacks exceeded their mathematical expectation. The difference between the official and expected numbers were likely homicides.

Carmine Savastano
Claims that the official, ruled causes of 100+ JFK-related witness deaths are not verifiable. But he goes even further: he states the deaths caused by homicide, accident, suicide, heart attack and sudden cancer are NOT suspicious. He demands that I post references to all coroner reports. I told him that he should just get them himself. This charlatan is transparent and completely illogical – a classic troll. He is effectively calling researchers who have written books and articles on JFK-related witness deaths incompetent: Penn Jones, Sylvia Meagher, Richard E. Sprague, Jim Marrs, Richard Belzer, David Wayne, Jesse Ventura, John Simkin and Craig Roberts, etc… Carmine is parroting his mentor John McAdams. But his comments are even more out of touch than McAdams.

Mark Ulrik
This Facebook troll from Denmark also tried to discredit my work a year ago. He showed up again on Amazon – just like Davinroy. Of course, he he gave my book a one-star review, calling it “junk Science”. But like all Lone Nutters, he reveals his mathematical ignorance. He claims that surveys of Dealey Plaza witnesses as to the source of the shots is like weather forecasting. Mark is too brain-damaged to realize that witnesses testified as to what they heard, not what they expected to hear. Mark does not comprehend that a survey is not a prediction:

Lance Upperton
Has dedicated a web site in which he disparages anyone who believes that Oswald was Doorman standing at the entrance to the TSBD. It’s been six months since I asked Lance to answer simple YES or NO questions on this topic. He refused to do so with the lame excuse that the questions contain assumptions. It is merely designed to ascertain his beliefs. Here are the questions:

Kyle Gizas
This Facebook troll claims that a statistical analysis of witness deaths is equivalent to a pre-election poll in which respondents are asked who they will vote for. He exposes his statistical naivete just like Mark Ulrik in comparing witness surveys of what DID HAPPEN to weather forecasting models which predict what MIGHT HAPPEN. Kyle is too dense to comprehend that dead witnesses were not polled on their cause of death:

Last, but not least, a Lone Nutter wrote that even though the probability of the unnatural deaths is ONE in 100,000 TRILLION, it was still possible! Sorry, I don’t have the link to this insanity.

Stay tuned. This post will be updated with additional examples of Lone Nutter trolling inanities.

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JFK: Debunking Emmy-award winning “researcher” Dale Myers

Richard Charnin
Jan. 15, 2015
Updated: March 14,2015

JFK: Debunking Emmy-award winning “researcher” Dale Myers

JFK Blog Posts
Look inside the book:
Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy

Dale Myers is a computer animator/author who has attempted to prove that the Warren Commission report is accurate in claiming that Oswald was the lone assassin who also killed officer J.D. Tippit. This post will show that Myers’ “proofs” are fraudulent and only confirm the overwhelming evidence that the WC report is a massive work of fiction.

1) BADGE MAN. Myers claims that the “Badge man” photo of a shooter at the Grassy Knoll is not authentic. But photographic experts at MIT determined that it was.
Polaroid photos like Ms. Moorman’s are/were harder to forge and alter than other films taken that day because of their instantaneous development. It is for this reason that the Moorman photo serves as a Rosetta Stone which has allowed researchers to determine whether the Zapruder, Nix and Muchmore films depict altered frames. Moorman’s photograph contradicts the Zapruder Film and shows that we have been seeing altered copies of that film. Mary Moorman’s photographic field of view shows her to be in one place while the Zapruder film has her in another place several feet away. She would literally have to be in 2 places at the same time for this to be!

Astute researchers have also pointed out the fact that the Zapruder Film shows Ms. Moorman wearing white shoes while other films of the day’s events show her in dark shoes! Additionally, the Zapruder Film shows Mary Moorman on the grass of the plaza, while she recalled stepping out into the street, itself. A man in the back of a pick-up truck in the stopped traffic on the opposite side of the road from JFK’s limo has also been edited out of copies of Zapruder Film, as well. Finally, further contradicting the authenticity of the Zapruder Film are the accounts of 59 separate witnesses who recalled that the limo stopped or came to a near stop (so that the shooters could finish off JFK). These facts establish that the Zapruder Film cannot be used to accurately time or assess the assassination since it was clearly altered.

The photonic imaging research of former US Steel engineer, Tom Wilson, also uncovered evidence that reprints of the Moorman photo may have been altered to conceal a right rear baseball sized exit wound on JFK’s head. Below is a photo of Wilson’s photo analysis of JFK’s head from the Moorman photo:

2) THE MAGIC BULLET ANIMATION. Myers claims that his computer-generated video analysis proves the Single Bullet Theory. But in this video, Bob Harris proves that Myers incorrectly positioned JFK and Connally to falsify the path of the bullet:

But the video is a moot point. The bullet which struck JFK in the back 5.5″ below the collar never exited according to two FBI agents who attended the autopsy.. There goes Myers’ bogus Emmy Award winning graphics which supposedly “proved” the discredited, laughable Single Bullet Theory. It’s a fraud.

3) ACOUSTIC EVIDENCE. Myers claims that the acoustic evidence provided to the HSCA which proved that shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll was invalid. But acoustic experts, mathematicians and physicists prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was at least one shooter in front of the limo.

4) THE TIPPIT SHOOTING. Myers wrote “With Malice” claiming to prove that Oswald killed Tippit. It is another fraud perpetrated on the public by this classic Warren Commission apologist. Simple arithmetic proves that Oswald could not have shot Tippit. According to all of the witnesses, Tippit was killed no later than 1:06pm. But the Warren Commission said ALL the witnesses were mistaken and claimed he was shot at 1:16. The WC needed to give Oswald enough time to get to the site as it was 0.9 miles from where he was seen standing outside his apartment at 1:04pm. How will Warren Commission apologists (and Dale Myers) explain the obvious lies?

Here is documented proof from S.r. Dusty Rohde. It is the SMOKING GUN which proves Oswald’s innocence.

Government agencies have tried every which way to represent Lee Harvey Oswald as “running” away from shooting of the President, with a weapon, at the Tippit murder scene and on foot. Why? Because they needed to demonstrate “Motive, Means and Opportunity” to charge Oswald as Tippit’s killer AND link him to the assassination. The Warren Commission declared that Oswald shot J.D. Tippit at 1:15 or 1:16pm.

Well let me tell all of you something. If Lee Harvey Oswald shot J.D. Tippit at either 1:15 or 1:16pm, he shot a dead man! Oswald shot a dead man, because J.D. Tippit’s“legal and lawful” time of death, on his Death Certificate, recognized by any court in this country….is 1:15pm(11)! Yes, you read right, 1:15pm.

The insert shown above is taken from the actual Certificate of Death, Tippit’s name was misspelled, but the document clearly shows the time and date of death. There is no way Lee Harvey Oswald shot a “living” J.D. Tippit at either 1:15 or 1:16pm. That statement by the Warren Commission was an outright lie. A lie expressed for the sole purpose of deceiving the American public. The Warren Commission had the Tippit documents in their hands, they knew the “legal” time of death, they knew Oswald couldn’t have shot Tippit at 1:15 or 1:16pm, and yet they still chose to tell the lie.

J.D. Tippit could not have been shot at 1:16, his legal and lawful time of death is as recorded, 1:15pm. Now why does that matter? Before Tippit was pronounced “dead” at the hospital, he had to be removed from the ambulance, wheeled to the emergency room, transferred off of the ambulance gurney onto the hospital bed. Doctors had to do a quick scan, then attempt to clear an airway and possibly administer CPR in the attempt to save Tippit’s life(12), all “before” declaring the man officially dead.

Parking the ambulance, unloading the gurney with Tippit’s body, wheeling it to the ER and Doctor’s and Nurses attempting to save Tippit’s life would have taken at the bare minimum, one minute……more likely two. Now, starting with Tippit’s “lawful” time of death….let’s do a little math. Subtract the “one minute” from 1:15, and you have a time of 1:14. Between 1:14 and 1:15, Tippit arrived at Methodist Hospital and staff attempted to save his life. It’s not rocket science folks….just simple math.


Other articles debunking Myers:

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