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2016: Vote Rigging from the Democratic primary to the election

Richard Charnin
July 11, 2018

The Popular Vote Myth

The myth that Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million is parroted daily by pundits, even Trump supporters. It’s 2018 and the pundits still fail to recognize the historical fact that the recorded vote is never the same as the True Vote. Clinton won the fraudulent recorded vote, but Trump won the True Vote. It’s past time for a great awakening.
Trump won the estimated True Vote by 50.5-43.4%, a 9.7 million vote margin.

We estimate the True Vote based on the following simple models. Given Model 1 adjustments to the recorded vote, we calculate an estimated True Vote. In models 2,3,4,5 we calculate the vote shares required to match the True Vote.

1 Adjustments to the recorded vote: illegals , disenfranchised, voting machine flips
2 Race: Census breakdown and shares of white and non-white voters
3 Returning 2012 voters and 2016 vote shares
4 Party-ID: Gallup voter survey and vote shares
5 Decided: Vote shares before and after Sept. 1

The Rigged Democratic primary 
It is established fact: HRC stole the primary from Bernie Sanders.

Her approval ratings were 10% lower than Sanders.  Trump won the GOP primary easily. Hillary knew she would lose to Trump in a fair election, so she had to rig the general. She tried to steal the election -but Trump had too big a lead.

Who owns the Voting Machines?
“Concerns are being raised over ties between George Soros, a billionaire and political activist with deep ties to Hillary Clinton, and an electronic voting company with machines in 16 states. The chairman of the London-based company, Smartmatic International, is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who also works under Soros.

Malloch-Brown is on the board of the Open Society Foundations, run by Soros. His brief biography on the Smartmatic website says he was also formerly the vice chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and of Soros’s Open Society Foundations.”




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Vote rigging Wikileaks email deleted?

Richard Charnin
Jan. 28, 2018

My Books
Trump Won the True Vote
77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud
Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts
Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes and the National Poll
Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy

Some have claimed that the following E-mail is a fake since it does not exist in the Wikileaks database. They do not consider that it may have been deleted. But the NSA has them all.

“Jan 21 2018 22:20:15
ID: c4d817
GUYS- email was sent out by NSA before election with some plausible deniability attached to it so people could say “FAKE”! HOWEVER, the main audience wasn’t normies, it was the black hats, a shot across the bow to say “WE HAVE IT ALL, YOUR’E RIGGING WON’T WORK”. Q just brought it back up to speak directly to “THEM” again to show they are going to dump it all.”



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