Senate runoff: What is the probability of a 150,000 vote spike for the Dems 10 minutes after stopping the count?

06 Jan

Richard Charnin Jan.6, 2021


The corrupt MSM, Dems and Repubs will say they don’t see anything suspicious in the graph and that we should not believe our lying eyes. What is the probability of a 150,000 vote spike for the Dems 10 minutes after stopping the count? Looks like the PA election late night vote dump, but on a smaller scale.


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4 responses to “Senate runoff: What is the probability of a 150,000 vote spike for the Dems 10 minutes after stopping the count?

  1. the suze

    January 9, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    Apparently, my earlier post was not captured. Trying again . . .
    Thank you for this interesting post.  I, too, would like to know where such an abrupt spike came from.  The whole chart is for GA, while the tweet about stopping the count is only for one county.  Clearly, Chatham County does not account for the 150,000 vote spike since it only has about 121,000 votes total.

    I decided to look for some more data and found a pretty surprising anomaly:

    1.  The population of Chatham county (Savannah area) is 289,694.
    2.  Registered voters 208,027 (Seems kinda high, 72% of the entire population, but not what interests me).
    3.  Number of ballots cast 121,373
    4.  Number of ballots counted by the time they quit for the night, nearly 94,000
    5.  Number supposedly left to count at that time 3,000-4,000
    6.  Number of absentee ballots actually counted by 1pm Wednesday:  33,000 (with more left to count, and more to be received).

    2 and 3.
    4 thu 6.

    How did it go from 3,000-ish absentee ballots left to count to 33,000 counted?  (At the very top of the Savannah News article, juxtapose the Update (1:22) with Earlier Story.)  This quote from the Savannah News is noteworthy:  “The Chatham County Board of Elections counted nearly 94,000 ballots Tuesday night. Chairman Tom Mahoney said workers would finish counting the remaining ballots in the morning — 3,000 to 4,000 absentee ballots that they’ll receive from the Board of Registrar’s office.”  Yet at 1pm Wednesday they were still counting and expecting more.

    So, here’s what some election doubters think.  You count the vote from the polls and see how much you need to make up–because you don’t want to create more fraudulent ballots than you have to–before you count the absentee ballots.  Looking at your chart, 150,000 is what was needed to get the blue line to cross the red line.  Until about 11pm, it was looking bad for the Dems.  We’ve been conditioned to think that Dems vote absentee in greater numbers than Repubs, so we expect that trends will reverse when absentee ballots are counted.  Thing is, at that hour, at least in the Savannah area, they supposedly weren’t counting absentee ballots yet.  According to the Savannah news, Chatham County would not even receive their absentee ballots until the next morning.  So if Savannah contributed to that spike at 11 but did not count until the next day, WTF were they doing? Backfilling?  My head aches  

    Something strange happened here.  That’s as far as I can take it.  All I can do is speculate.  If votes were added in Chatham County, they were added to a county “with a blue reputation” where the Dems were already winning when they stopped counting.  This would not attract attention.  Two neighboring counties went resoundingly Republican (70% and 79%); I can’t tell anything about their absentee ballots, etc. from the news article; but messing with their totals would attract attention.     

    This Savannah News article is a fascinating source of info.  I guess they don’t know they have published contradictory info.  I’m saving the article just in case they do.   

  2. eklavyaartist

    January 10, 2021 at 8:26 am

    Georgia Senate races were also rigged. See this demographically weighted likely voter poll clearly showing Perdue and Loeffler winning. Ossoff and Warnock are Frauds! They shouldn’t be seated.


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