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A Guide to Watching the New Hampshire Primary

A Guide to Watching the New Hampshire Primary

Richard Charnin
Jan. 10, 2011
Updated: Jan.21, 2016

This is what the media wants you to believe.

The corporate media wants you to ignore the early exit polls because they will not represent the actual vote counts. The polls will probably show Ron Paul doing very well, but don’t believe them. After all, the experts tell us that it is in the bag for Romney. If Ron Paul was a viable candidate with a unique message the media would not be ignoring him.

The media maintains that early exit polls will always converge to the recorded vote count. This is to be expected as the recorded vote count is always accurate.

The media also claims that the early unadjusted exit polls have been shown to be grossly inaccurate in all presidential elections since 1988. And the pattern has persisted in congressional and primary elections.

Remember the 2008 NH primary?

Obama led in all the pre-election and exit polls, but Clinton was the come from behind winner. Recall that Obama won the hand counted precincts by the same 5% margin that Hillary won the machine counts. But since there were many more voting machine precincts than hand-counted paper ballot precincts, Hillary was the clear winner.

The corporate media says that in 2008, the unadjusted exit polls were wrong when they indicated that Obama won by 23 million votes with a 58.0% share, when his recorded margin was just 9.5 million.

The corporate media says that in 2004, the unadjusted exit polls misled us into believing that Kerry was the winner by 5 million votes (51-47%) when it was Bush who was the winner by 3.0 million votes.

Similarly in 2000, the unadjusted state exit polls failed by showing that Gore was a 50-46% winner by 5-7 million votes – not by the 540,000 recorded.

The media tells us not to believe the unadjusted exit polls and to just trust them to tell us how people really voted. The media claims that systemic election fraud is a myth. If it were true, the media would have reported it, just like they reported on Acorn.

The media realizes that voting machines are computers. But the media also claims that computers are not just faster than humans, they are much more accurate.

But the media fails to mention that programmers know how to code algorithms to make 1+1 = 3.

Even though we cannot view the proprietary code, there is no reason to believe that Diebold/ES&S machine counts are not accurate. The fact that the code is proprietary does not mean that the votes were maliciously miscounted.

Therefore, we should always expect that iit is perfectly legitimate for the exit pollsters to force the unadjusted exit polls to match the pristine vote counts. It’s just standard operating procedure.

The media misleads by maintaining that this formula is correct:
Recorded Vote = Unadjusted Exit poll + Exit Poll Error Factor

But they know that this formula is the Truth:
Recorded Vote = Unadjusted Exit Poll + Election Fraud Factor

Media pundits, pollsters and academics ignore election fraud, implicitly assuming that the Fraud Factor is ZERO – an unscientific, faith-based rationale for adjusting the exit poll to match the recorded vote.

This fact has NEVER been mentioned in the media:

In 1988-2008, 135 of 274 unadjusted state exit polls exceeded the 3.0% margin of error. Of the 135 polls, 131 overstated the Democratic share. The Democrats won the 274 exit polls by 52-42%. Thee recorded vote was 48-46%.

The probability of the 8% discrepancy is one in trillions.

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