The 2020 election math anomaly that proves fraud

02 Dec

Richard Charnin Dec. 2, 2021

The single 2020 election anomaly that proves fraud.

In Georgia, 96,800 ballots were cast for just the president and no other office on the ballot. A total of 96,000 voted just for Biden and 800 just for Trump. What is the probability of such a wide difference? We would expect approximately 48,000 for each. It is just as likely for a Biden voter to do this as it is for a Trump voter.

In Georgia, Biden won 99% of ballots that only voted for President and no other races.
The number of votes: Trump: 818; Biden: 95,801.

Calc 1: binomial distribution function:
P = BINOMDIST(8,968,0.5,true)
P = 7.51E-273 (0)

Calc 2: factorial function (!):
For example, 8! = 8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1.
P = 968!/(8!*960!)*(0.5^8)*(0.5^960)
P = (0.5^8)*(0.5^960)
P = 0.5^968
P= 4.01E-292 =0

This is absolute proof of massive election fraud!

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