Did the GOP actually win the House?

19 Nov

Did the GOP actually win the House?

Richard Charnin
Nov. 21, 2018


Let’s speculate given the unlikely trend in tossups and strange anomalies.
. Long-held GOP seats in California flipped (Rohrabacher,etc.)
. Broward & Palm Beach County incompetence and/or fraud.
. Arizona GOP governor won by 328,000 votes but McSally lost the senate by 30,000 after leading in early voting.
. The Dems led by 203-194 seats on Election Day with 38 tossups.  The Dems won the House by 235-200 with 32 of 38 tossups flipping to the Dems, a 1 in 100,000 probability.
. With an expected tossup split of 19 seats each, the Dems would win by 222-213. Is it inconceivable that the GOP may have won at least five more seats and a 218-217 win?
. How many  races which leaned to the Dems in the polls flipped to the GOP?
. The pre-election 38 tossup 2-party poll average (50.50D-49.50R%) exactly matched the recorded tossup vote average (50.52D-49.48R%). Strange.

“Republican congressional candidate Young Kim, who just days ago was poised to be the first Korean-American woman in Congress as she led a closely contested California House race, is accusing her opponent of “harassing and intimidating” vote counters as her lead has disappeared.

Kim is vying to replace retiring Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., in California’s 39th District, which includes part of the state’s more Republican Orange County. Last week, she held about a 3-point lead over Democrat Gil Cisneros with about 150,000 votes counted.But since then, that lead vanished, with Cisneros taking a 941-vote as of late Thursday”.

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